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Post Plastic Surgery

Post Plastic Surgery

(After Surgery)


Worried about how people might react to your new look after cosmetic surgery? Here are eight helpful tips on how to step back into the world with confidence.

Boosting confidence is one of the key motivators for cosmetic surgery, but seeing colleagues, family or friends after the procedure can be a difficult time. Here are a few things to remember:


  1. You’re not the only one

Over 9 Million People around the world had Plastic Surgeries done in 2019, so it’s not as rare as it was a decade ago. Plastic, Cosmetic, Corrective & Reconstructive surgery is talked about openly in the media and there’s a chance you already know someone who’s had ‘work done’. So don’t be shy or ashamed about what you’ve done. Letting the secret out can be a great way to diffuse the tension of people guessing where you’ve been and what’s different about you. However, it’s entirely up to you whether to reveal it or not as procedures done today are hardly noticeable to the general public. They would definitely find you looking better and more attractive but would find it hard to guess!


  1. Give yourself time to heal

Before you have surgery you should have a clear understanding from your surgeon about how long the healing process will take. All procedures and patients are different, but a facelift, for example, can take a good three to four weeks to recover from. Take plenty of time off work and don’t book yourself in for anything you’re not sure you’ll be ready for.


  1. Go for a natural look

Most cosmetic surgeons will recommend you try to maintain a natural appearance after surgery. Most patients want this too. I consider a good result to be the difference between how you feel with and without make-up on. It should boost your confidence, but you should never feel uncomfortable in your own skin.


  1. Gossip doesn’t last

News moves fast. So fast, it’s gone before you know it and the next thing has taken its place. It will likely be the same with your surgery. If people do start talking behind your back, it won’t last long before they’ve moved on.


  1. Be creative with the truth if you need to

Some patients who have a rhinoplasty procedure, for example, may choose to tell people the operation was to correct a sinus problem. You shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed for having cosmetic surgery, but if it makes you more comfortable, bending the truth isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


  1. Prepare for no reaction at all

A successful procedure may go all but unnoticed by your peers. In some cases, people may simply think you’ve just returned from a holiday or had a haircut. Subtle changes can make you feel wonderful, even if others can’t quite pin down what’s different. So take, “have you done something with your hair?” with pride.


  1. Take the compliments, ignore the haters

People react to cosmetic surgery in different ways. Some people will be happy for you while others may say hurtful things or make you feel uncomfortable. That is bullying behavior and like any bully, they may have problems of their own that make them react this way. It boils down to their own insecurities.


  1. Be Proud of Your Decision

Only you know and trust your Surgeon and that he or she has done the best for you in accordance to your heart’s desires. You made the decision on your own accord and paid from your own pocket regardless whether it the payment came from you or your loved one hence it’s none of anyone’s business to comment. You have done what makes you feel significantly better and you must feel a great sense of pride and satisfaction with yourself. Personal Peace of mind is core especially after undergoing any procedure. Be fully aware, that perfection takes time, full results will show between 3 to 6 months after the procedure. In major procedures, full results will show after a year hence patience is of utmost importance. On the other hand, remember that in today’s medical advancements, the sky is the limit for perfection. Worrying about what others say is complete waste of valuable time. Many do not have what it takes to undergo what you have hence always feel the sense of pride, joy and peace.

Here at Glojas, our In-House Plastic Surgeon comes with more than 15 years of experience. He is also Malaysia’s sole Craniofacial Surgeon which is a subspecialisation on the reconstruction of head, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, face and neck region. Dr.Mohd Ali performs cosmetic, corrective and plastic surgery from head to toe and his outstanding results are known throughout the world. He has an international clientele that he is proud of and his work is highly trusted.

Do contact us today for your FREE Consultation with Dr.Mohd Ali! +60362115555. Here at Glojas, we bring out the best in you!


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