Stretch Marks Treatment

Stretch Marks Treatment @ GLOJAS!


How does it work?

Our advanced laser beam penetrates deep into the dermis whilst stimulating new collagen. This treatment is suitable to both men and women.


What Causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are long, narrow streaks or stripes that occur when the skin is stretched too quickly. Pregnancy, puberty, and rapid weight gain can all cause stretch marks.


How Many Sessions would I Need?

It depends on the stretch marks & skin condition, size and depth. If it is not too big and deep, you might need 4-6 sessions.


Does this Treatment Hurt?

You might feel warm or burning sensation, but not painful. The preparation before treatment involves application of numbing cream for 15-20 minutes. A cool air blower is used during treatment to enhance patient comfort.


How Much Does It Cost?

The price depends on the targeted area.The price will start from USD100S. Special packages varies in price.

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