Here at Glojas Smart International Aesthetics, our SMART Whitening procedures are popular due to its quality and remarkable effectiveness. This is our formulation rich in Vitamin C & Glutathione.


How many sessions needed?

Customers need to be consistent in their sessions, meaning once in two weeks to once a month for at least one year and then for maintenance purpose, once in three months. The results are remarkable where our customers’ experience drastic change in skin tone coupled with healthy glow and youthfulness!


What are the benefits of SMART Whitening?

The benefits are;

• Revitalizes health of cells and tissues by detoxification

• Makes skin lighter and more radiant by blocking melanin which causes dark spots

• Improves circulation and boosts energy

• Delivers nutrients directly to the cells

• Enhances concentration and other mental functions

• Strengthens the immune system

• It also aids in liver regeneration


How much does SMART Whitening cost?

It starts from USD100 on wards and has many options to choose from.


Is there pain?

Absolutely Not!

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