Perfect Facelift

Perfect Facelift @GLOJAS!

Here at Glojas we believe in beauty the natural way through invasive and non-invasive procedures. Our In-House Plastic Surgeon, Glojas Doctor  does Mini Face Lifts which involve removal of eye bags, nose lift, fat transfer to face and lips instead of the usual Botox or Dermal Fillers.

Glojas Doctor also does gold threading for face lifts together with chin and neck liposuction and buccal fat removal. In complimenting this face lift procedure, our founder, Glojas Doctor does Eyebrows and Hair Transplant procedures including facial hair procedures for men.

The combination of both Glojas Doctor only brings out the best results as we firmly believe that Glojas brings out the best in you! Our highly driven purpose is to bring out the best image for all our customers as every person is entitled to look their best and stand out from the rest!

Comparatively, our prices are very reasonable but in no way do we compromise on our international standards as we serve customers from around the world and we have a reputation to maintain which comes with our various International Awards and being in the industry for 21 years. So at Glojas, customers get the best of both worlds whilst achieving their heart’s desire.

Beauty and Image is never a one flat answer across the board, every person has his or her own unique dynamics and issues hence here at Glojas we tailor to your every need and desire whilst placing safety as our top most priority. We are driven not only by highly successful results but also given the fact that we take very seriously the subject matter of life, health, safety and hygiene as the core of our values.

In a nutshell, we work with a conscience and wisdom with twenty one years of experience combined with highly experienced doctors and medical staff.

We at Glojas warmly invite everyone to contact us via call or whatssap to book for their FREE Consultation with any of our doctors, the journey with Glojas begins here until the successful completion of any treatment or procedure. We also stand by you in post care and follow-ups. Call or whatssap us, Today! +60362115555 / +60123529919


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