Obtain the Penile Size of your desire!

Obtain the Penile Size of your desire!


This is a subject matter that most men don’t talk about, just as erectile dysfunction. Here at Glojas, our in-house plastic surgeon Dr.Mohd Ali comes with 15 years of experience in all plastic and corrective surgeries from head to toe. He always opts for the natural and results

As in for penile enlargement, Dr.Ali does a Fat Transfer to the penile and PRP Injections (Platelet Rich Plasma) which is Plasma taken from your own blood. Fats & PRP cannot be done through a donor. It has to be the fats & PRP of the person seeking to get the procedure for himself.

This procedure is done on Local Anaesthetic which means that the patient will be completely aware and awake during the procedure with no discomfort and pain. The procedure takes one and half hours and the patient gets to return back with his daily routine immediately.


Penis enlargement injections are popular, initially many men go for injections for the following reasons:

  1. It’s cheaper than a penis enlargement fat transfer
  2. There is less downtime than fat transfer
  3. The recovery is faster than a fat transfer

However, after one year the penis is ready for a top up treatment. The Hyaluronic acid has started to break down and it will be time to head off to the clinic again. At this point, only half the amount of the filler that was injected at the first time will be needed, which is good, but it still costs. This realisation that it is a yearly event is one of the reasons why guys then plump for a fat transfer but there are other reasons:


Fat Transfer Penile Enlargement

  1. Fat transfer lasts.
  2. It uses your own body fat, no artificial material injected into your penis
  3. Longer history of results than penis enlargement injections


About Our Doctor

We are proud to present to you one of Malaysia’s leading Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Mohd Ali. He comes with rich experience of more than a decade in the field of plastic and corrective surgeries. He is a surgeon with full accreditation from The Ministry Of Health Malaysia (MOH) and a registered doctor with The Malaysian Medical Council (MMC). He is also registered under the National Specialist Register (NSR) as a plastic surgeon.

Dr.Ali is often called into emergency and complex cases as a Consultant. He is well renowned and respected in his area of expertise. His work supersedes many of his peers and the end results on par with world class standards.

Dr.Ali journeys with every patient from pre surgery until successful recovery coupled with successful results in accordance to every patient’s heart’s desire. This has won him repeated patients who also recommend their friends and family members to him. He is consulted by many from around the world, he has a good following of an International audience that hold much confidence in his work and end results. Dr.Ali uses local anaesthetic where patients are completely aware during their procedures and are able to walk out from the surgery room within hours after the surgery on the same day and they return back home or work safe.

Here at Glojas we place top priority on our customer’s safety and life and Dr.Ali certainly lives up to it. So be rest assured that you are in the safest hands with Dr.Ali. Smart International Aesthetic only uses the latest technology in all our procedures to produce the best results. Our goal is to help you achieve your desired body shape that you have longed for.


We would like to invite you for a FREE CONSULTATION with Dr Mohd Ali to discuss further on your concerns. Do Call us Today! +60362115555



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