Effective Non Invasive Facelift

Effective Non Invasive Facelift @ GLOJAS!



What’s the purpose of a Non Invasive Facelift?

Your face represents your image and mirror that others notice and look at hence the pertinent need to mitigate all possibilities of looking tired, worn out or haggard. People see the vital need today to take away years from their face which in return boosts their self-confidence.


What does a Non Invasive Facelift do?

Today, lasers have advanced leaps and bound and with regards to our non-invasive Facelift, our customers keep returning for more! The effectiveness of this face contouring treatment speaks for its self where wrinkles, freckles and sagging skin is drastically reduced and eventually removed with repeated sessions of this remarkable laser treatment.


What does Non Invasive Facelift focus on?

Our laser is highly recommended and trusted for removing;

  1. Ageing skin
  2. Sagging Skin
  3. Droopy Cheeks
  4. Deep Lines & Folds
  5. Neck Band


How many sessions is needed?

We at GLOJAS strongly recommend our customers who have these issues mentioned above to regularly get this treatment done, meaning once a month. A Package of many sessions would save much on the costs.


Is there downtime?

Absolutely Not!


Is there pain?

Absolutely Not!


How much does Non Invasive Facelift Cost?

It starts from USD200 onwards.

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