Would you like to have bigger and attractive eyes?



Regardless of your genetics or ethnicity, we at Glojas Plastic Surgery Malaysia can successfully achieve this for you! It is called an Epicanthoplasty Surgery.


Would the results of an Epicanthoplasty remain permanent?

Yes, you will enjoy best and successful results permanently!


What is an Epicanthoplasty?

An Epicanthoplasty procedure aims to enlarge eyes, lengthen the inner parts of the eyes making the eyes bigger, brighter and more alert. Epicanthoplasty surgery is also called the “inner corner fold removal” or “Mongolian fold correction”, this is a cosmetic surgery is done by Malaysia’s only Craniofacial Surgeon, Dr.Mohd Ali.


Why should Glojas be my best choice for an Epicanthoplasty Surgery?

Dr.Mohd Ali is one of Malaysia’s Top Leading Plastic Surgeons with over 15 years of rich experience.


Dr.Mohd Ali is also Malaysia’s ONLY Fully Qualified Craniofacial Surgeon, meaning highly specialised in the reconstruction of head, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, face and neck region. This would give you the best of both worlds and successful results on par with world class expectations!


When it comes to Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery, what determines the best and most successful results is who the doctor is!


  • Done by One of Malaysia’s Top Leading Plastic Surgeons!
  • Highly acclaimed Surgeon!
  • Holds more than 15 years of rich experience, knowledge & talent!
  • Done on Local Anesthesia!
  • Fast Recovery!
  • Best Results!
  • Able to get home after the procedure!


What is the purpose of an Epicanthoplasty?

An Epicanthoplasty is sought by women and men who would like to adopt eyes that not only “appear bigger, brighter, and more alert” but actually bigger physiologically. This procedure does not only focus on the inner eye fold, but also addresses the outer corner of the eyes. With lateral Epicanthoplasty, eyes can be significantly lengthened and slanted eyes can be corrected!

Epicanthoplasty is an ideal procedure for patients, whether male or female


  • Must be in relatively good health


  • Wish to improve their overall look without sacrificing descent or ethnicity


How does one qualify for an Epicanthoplasty procedure?

Once a patient has fully decided on Epicanthoplasty, a pre-surgical evaluation is performed to assess the severity of the Epicanthal fold. Once assessed, the incisions are planned and marked. There are two different types of Epicanthoplasty, which are;


Medial Epicanthoplasty

This focuses mainly on the inner corner of the eye, making the eye look bigger and more open; it can also straighten slanted eyes.


Lateral Epicanthoplasty

This procedure does not only focus on the inner eye fold, but also addresses the outer corner of the eyes. With lateral Epicanthoplasty, eyes can be significantly lengthened and slanted eyes can be corrected.


Would I be allowed to return home after the Epicanthoplasty Surgery?

Epicanthal surgery is an outpatient basis and lasts about an hour. After surgery, the eye region would appear swollen and bruised. This is very common. You will be allowed to return home immediately after the surgery.


Would I experience downtime after an Epicanthoplasty Surgery?

A recovery period of two weeks is often recommended. During recovery, the eye region is allowed to heal and return to normal, so patients are advised to rest and refrain from strenuous activities and sports. Pain medication is prescribed to manage pain.


 Is an Epicanthoplasty surgery affordable?

Epicanthoplasty surgery cost starts from USD1,000 onwards and it depends on the issues faced by the individual and the desired results.


Will I be given close follow-ups after the Epicanthoplasty Surgery?

Absolutely, Yes! Here at Glojas Plastic Surgery Centre we place much importance on follow-ups.


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