Do you desire larger, attractive and well contoured Breasts and Butts?

Do you desire larger, attractive and well contoured Breasts and Butts?

Here at Glojas Plastic Surgery Centre, our In-House Plastic Surgeon Dr.Mohd Ali performs the best and most successful natural alternative for breast and butt enlargement followed by a lift through a fat transfer procedure.


Why should Glojas be my best choice for a Fat Transfer procedure?

When it comes to Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery, successful results come from doctors of high credentials and experience. Dr.Mohd Ali is one of Malaysia’s Top Leading Plastic Surgeons with over 15 years of rich experience and talent hence you are assured of best results on par with world class standards!


  • Done by One of Malaysia’s Top Plastic Surgeons!
  • Surgeon with over 15 years of experience!
  • Minimal Downtime!
  • No Pain!
  • Proven Results!
  • Best Results!
  • Can be discharged immediately after the procedure!



Would there be pain involved during the Fat Transfer procedure?

Absolutely, no! You will be administered with Local Anaesthesia and our Surgeon will keep you very comfortable and relaxed.


Would I experience downtime after the Fat Transfer procedure?

Fat transfer downtime is minimal and between 7 to 14 days for healing but during this period of time your daily routine will not be affected.


What does a Fat Transfer Procedure entail?

The process is via a liposuction where the fats are extracted and then transferred to the breasts and butts.

However, for those who lack fats or are very petite or feel that they need much larger breasts, they can opt for Breast Implants. However, for the butts, it will have to be a fat transfer.


How long does the procedure take?

Fat Transfer to breasts and butts, it can take around 3 hours and done on local anaesthetic meaning that the patient is fully awake and aware during the procedure with no discomfort and pain.


Would I be able to get home after the Fat Transfer procedure?

Yes, you get to leave immediately after the completion of the procedure.


Should I lack fats, can I bring in a friend as a fat donor?

The answer is a complete and absolute, NO! There is no such thing as a fat donor as the body will reject it and get into very serious complications hence it’s not an option. Such a person has to opt for implants. Implants can be of a desired size but is also subjected to the individual’s body and space. Our breast implants are made and imported from Germany and does NOT require change every 10 years. It can also withstand high magnitude of accidents.

Is Pain Involved during the Fat Transfer procedure?

Very Minimal as Local Anesthesia will be administered.


Are Fat Transfers to either the Breasts or Butts affordable?

Breast augmentation cost starts from USD2,000 onwards and depends on issues and desired results.


Can Fat Transfers or Breast Implants cause Cancer?

The answer is an absolute no!


What is required before the procedure?

We practice a standard operating procedure for both options where customers are required to do an Ultra Sound Scan of their breasts or a mammogram before qualifying for these procedures. This is our strict requirement.


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Our Surgeon Redefines Your Natural Beauty In Achieving Best & Safest Results!

Are you experiencing eyebags and looking older than others?

Eyebags cause a significant issue when it comes to one’s appearance. It makes one look much older than their actual age; it makes you appear sloppy and lethargic!

We at Glojas Plastic Surgery Malaysia have our in-house plastic surgeon who is one of Malaysia’s top leading plastic surgeons with over 15 years of rich experience!



Why should Glojas be my choice for an Eyebag removal?

The extra edge about our Surgeon is the fact that he is Malaysia’s only fully qualified Craniofacial Surgeon. Craniofacial Surgeons are highly specialised in the reconstruction of the head, ear, eyes, nose, mouth, face and neck region hence you get the best of both worlds of a Plastic & Craniofacial Surgeon who will bring you results on par with world class standards!


Why would I need an eyebag removal surgery?

If you do have eye bags and wanting to remove them permanently, we are the best choice for you! This procedure will put an end to the signs of unnecessary premature ageing and bring back your youthfulness!


  • Done by One of Malaysia’s Top Plastic Surgeons!
  • Surgeon holds more than 15 years of Rich Experience, Knowledge & Talent!
  • Done on Local Anesthesia!
  • Can be discharged after the procedure!
  • Fast Recovery!


The eyes are the window to the soul. So when your eyes show signs of aging, excess skin, bags or wrinkles, the perception is that of being tired or old. Formally known as Blepharoplasty, eye bag removal is a plastic surgical procedure to refresh the eyes by removing excess skin in the upper and lower eyelids. Eyebags caused by drooping fat can also be corrected either by excision of excess fat or repositioning the fats.


What would be the aim of an Eyebag Removal Surgery?

The aim of surgery is to achieve a refreshed, rejuvenated, natural appearance.


What is an Eyebag Removal?

Also known as a Blepharoplasty. This is a cosmetic surgery procedure to refresh the eyes by removing eye bags and excess skin (hooding) and or fat (eyebags) to rejuvenate the eyes providing a youthful appearance. The eyes can give a tired appearance, hooded upper eyelids or puffy lower eyelids, even though you are well rested. Surgery aims to reverse or improve the appearance of the eyes to give a refreshed natural appearance. If the upper eyelids are very heavy, hooded, these can feel very tired and following surgery the eyelids feel more comfortable and refreshed.


Would I experience downtime after an Eyebag Removal Surgery?

Yes, between 10 to 14 days for minor bruising to heal and for the results to take shape.


Is an Eyebag Removal affordable?

Eyebag removal cost starts from USD1,000 onwards and depends on the issue and desired results.


Would I need to be administered with General Anesthesia?

Absolutely No! This surgical procedure is done under Local Anesthesia.


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Our Surgeon Redefines Your Natural Beauty In Achieving Best & Safest Results!

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