Remove unwanted fat permanently

Remove unwanted fat permanently!

Why am I not losing fat even though I exercise?

Yes, there are many factors that can make your fats stubborn eventhough you exercise.



You need to control your diet. Here are some diet tips for you;

  • Avoid gluten and sugar in your daily diet. You will notice an immediate change in weight and energy!
  • Eat only whole foods & not processed!
  • Avoid dairy!
  • Avoid alcohol!
  • Eat more vegetables
  • Drink loads of water!
  • Eat lean meat as a source of healthy protein!


How can Glojas help me remove unwanted fats in a shorter time frame?

At Glojas, we provide a safe liposuction body contouring procedure for targeted areas of excessive fats where we remove it permanently!

Dr. Mohd Ali is our highly trusted and experienced Surgeon and he performs liposuction on a very regular basis which includes tummy tuck. Dr.Mohd Ali is one of Malaysia’s leading top plastic surgeons with more than 15 years of experience! You can be rest assured that you’re in the safest and best hands with Dr.Mohd Ali!


Do you have concerns about liposuction side effects?

At Glojas, our liposuction is totally safe. The procedure will be done under local anaesthesia. We use water assisted liposuction which is the latest and safest technology. This procedure gives you precise results and faster recovery!

During the procedure, there will be a nurse to assist you whilst Dr. Mohd Ali will gently remove your fats. You are allowed to talk with them to overcome your fear. You will feel more comfortable with their approach. Moreover, there will be music to keep you relaxed.


Are you excited in getting a liposuction done? 

  • Done by One of Malaysia’s Top Leading Plastic Surgeons!
  • Safest Procedure Guaranteed!
  • Best Results!
  • Minimal Downtime!
  • Quicker Results!
  • Close Follow-up Care!


Contact GLOJAS now at +60362115555 and get your free consultation and know more about our affordable liposuction cost! We provide informative consultation that can help you solve your issues and concerns in enhancing your body shape!


GLOJAS Redefines Your Natural Beauty In Achieving Best & Safest Results!

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