The most common hair loss type for women is androgenetic alopecia, also known as female pattern alopecia.
Female Alopecia is baldness, starts with hair thinning normally starts from the top, front and at the parting of the hair. It affects most commonly woman after menopause.

Female hair loss start by when you noticing excess hair loss during combing hair or during washing hair. For female hair loss normal hair shedding is approximately 100-150 hairs per day. Genetically, hair loss means one of the parents and the family members have hair loss issues.

Female pattern hair loss is also to do with hormon imbalance. Hormonal changes are common cause of female hair loss.

Female hair loss can occur after pregnancy or sudden physical or psychological stress to the body. Telogen hair loss are “Telogen Effluvium” are usually temporary hair loss.
Hair lost treatment often starts with Rogaine (topical minoxidil 2%). Rogaine is FDA approved medication currently available for female hair loss. Spironolactone pills help many women, before menopause.

Hair transplant doctor will analyse is his patient a suitable candidate for a hair transplant procedure to achieve a satisfactory results by using Smart FUE techniques. The results achieve is depend on individual female patients is different results achieve. It also depend on each individual health also.

Female hair loss can happen after perming hair , using hair dyes, shampoo that is not suitable to the scalp type, oily scalp, dry scalp can caused hair loss used or hormon issues.

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Keguguran Rambut

Kos dan Teknik Tanam Rambut (Hair TransplantKos) Untuk mengetahui kos tanam Rambut, anda boleh datang untuk konsultasi Free dengan Glojas Dactor atau anda boleh hantarkan gambar kawasan kepala anda yang perlu di tanam rambut ( Kawasan rambut gugur) kepada kami. Cara penanaman rambut: Doctor akan mengambil rambut di bahagian belakang kepala “donor” area ke kawasan yang perlu ditanam. Teknik FUT (Follicule Unit Transplant Surgery). Strip Teknik FUT adalah Teknik pertama Hair Transplant. Teknik ini adalah Teknik pembedahan di mana sedikit kulit di bahagian belakang kepala rambut akan di ambil keluar Oleh Doctor untuk di taman di bahagian yang kosong yang perlu di tanam rambut. Doctor akan Hitung berapa banyak rambut yang di perlukan untuk di tanam. Selepas itu Doctor akan menjahit semula kawasan yang telah di ambil kulit kepala. Rambut yang di ambil akan di ubati sehingga sesuai sebelum di tanam. Kos teknik FUT boleh dibancang dengan Doctor untuk mengetahui apa keluasan yang perlu di tanam untuk coverage yang baik dan bersesuaian dengan design yang anda perlukan.

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