Glojas Aesthetic Clinic Joins ISHRS Campaign against illegal Hair Transplant

Glojas Smart International Aesthetics echoes the call by the ISHRS regarding illegal Hair Transplant Centres. Many of these unscrupulous centres refer to themselves as Hair Transplant Centres without any sense of responsibility neither a conscience. As the ISHRS as mentioned, ISHRS, Glojas feels the pertinent need in bringing education and awareness amongst the masses about the repercussions of such centres.

The Masses must be educated on the fact that General Practitioners and doctors with Aesthetic License are not qualified in Hair Restoration Surgery. Only certified surgeons. Dermatologists and Diplomates from The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery are qualified to perform Hair Transplant surgery. A membership with any Hair Restoration Association does not make a doctor qualified in Hair Restoration Surgery. Many unscrupulous doctors take it further by leaving the Hair Transplant procedure fully to nurses and many of these nurses are not academically qualified.

These unscrupulous centres go on very aggressive marketing and the masses fall for it. People need to know who can perform such a procedure and the dangers of doing the procedure with unqualified doctors. Again we reiterate here that Aesthetic Doctors and GPs are not qualified to practice as Hair Transplant Doctors. Please check that your doctor of choice is either a Surgeon, Dermatologist or a fully qualified Diplomate from The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). Always check on your doctor’s credentials. The doctor’s credentials should always be of much higher priority rather than knocked down prices. When knocked down prices and free grafts are always tossed about, it does give an indication that perhaps the said doctor is not qualified.

These very same unscrupulous doctors have the habit of throwing grafts, they claim 5,000 grafts and above and so-called free grafts but the truth of the matter is, every scalp has its own capacity of maximum grafts based on design and donor density. In a nutshell, everybody has their own maximum capacity for grafts and it does not apply across the board. In all honesty, charging by grafts does open to loads of dishonesty because patients would never know the actual grafts planted in comparison to the grafts promised. It boils down to a marketing gimmick. We appeal to the masses to always be aware and not fall for knocked down prices and the amount of grafts only to end up with unqualified hair doctors. There have been numerous cases of sudden death where more than 5,000 grafts have been planted. So the golden rule is, always know who your doctor is!



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