Successful FUE Beard Transplants

Successful FUE Beard Transplants @ GLOJAS


Healthy Density of Beard Hair Growth!

At Glojas Hair Transplant Centre, the Smart FUE hair transplant is a patented trademark solely belonging to Glojas. It’s a combination of techniques and formulations derived from more than 20 years of experience by its founding CEO, Dato’ Dr.JasG who is an Aesthetic Doctor and Malaysia’s 1st pioneer Hair Transplant Diplomate from The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS).

What is the Hair Transplant Solution performed for Facial Hair?

Here at Glojas Hair Transplant Malaysia, we perform SMART™ FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) Transplantations for Beard, Moustache, Goatee, Side Burns and Eyebrows.

What determines the ultimate beard transplant results?

Beard transplants, just as goatee, moustache, sideburn or eyebrow transplants, are highly specialized procedures where the outcomes are highly dependent on the doctor’s skills, talent & knowledge.

We have the region’s most sought after Hair Transplant Doctors who specialise in Hair Transplant, facial hair, beard, moustache, goatee, sideburns and eyebrows. These FUE hair transplants are suitable for all ethnic backgrounds and nationalities.


Does the procedure leave scars?

FUE hair transplant procedure in Glojas leaves no scars.

How much does beard transplant cost?

Beard transplant cost in Malaysia starts from USD1,000 onwards depending on the density and coverage area.

Will there be beard transplant aftercare?

Yes, at Glojas we take aftercare very seriously as it plays a major role in achieving successful results.


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Do contact us for your FREE Consultation with Dato’ Dr.JasG at Glojas Hair Transplant Malaysia! +60362115555. Here at Glojas, we bring out the best in you!

Eyebrow Transplant @ Glojas


What is an eyebrow transplant?

An eyebrow transplant is a cosmetic FUE hair transplant procedure where hair grafts are transferred to your brow area.


How much is an eyebrow transplant cost?

Eyebrow transplant in Malaysia cost starts from USD1000 onwards.


How long do eyebrow transplants last? 

Eyebrow transplants are a permanent solution using the FUE technique, these procedures last a lifetime. There will be noticeable growth at between four and six months’ time after the surgery. You will start to see the final cosmetic result at around 10 months.


Are Eyebrow transplants worth it?

Anyone who painstakingly draws on their eyebrows every day can understand how 30 seconds of trimming every four days is worth it. An eyebrow transplant is not just for the over-plucked. People who suffer from scars, naturally sparse hair growth or disproportionate brows can benefit from this transplant procedure.

Do Eyebrow transplants look natural?

At Glojas Hair Transplant MalaysiaThe design of the eyebrow shape with the individual’s facial features is extremely important as the direction and angle of exit of hair grafts. This determines optimal and natural results. Eyebrow transplants help restore eyebrows to a fuller, natural looking appearance. At Glojas International Hair Transplant Centre, your eyebrow transplant results are absolutely natural!


How many grafts are needed for an eyebrow transplant?

A standard eyebrow transplant procedure typically requires 50 to 100 hair grafts, but it could be more depending on the patient’s condition.


What is a good age to get an eyebrow transplant?

At age 18 onwards


Will there be after care?

Yes, we will follow-up closely with you for your after care appointments.


Our Surgeon

At Glojas International Hair Transplant Centre, our doctor, Dato’ Dr. JasG comes with more than 25 years of experience and does eyebrow transplant on a very regular basis.


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Please contact us for your Free Consultation appointment with Dato’ Dr JasG! +60362115555. Here at Glojas, we bring out the best in you!


Glojas Smart International Aesthetics is a Hair Restoration Clinic , Plastic Surgery Clinic & Clinic for Aesthetic treatments and procedures based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


The Founder & CEO is Glojas Doctor  (Dato’ Dr.Jasvinder Singh) & Dr.Mohd Ali (Plastic Surgeon) who both come with more than two decades of experience as Hair Restoration Experts in FUT and FUE as well as Cosmetic & Corrective Surgery.


GLOJAS gives you the best, safest and guaranteed Hair Restoration results on par with world class standards as Glojas Doctor is Malaysia’s only Hair Restoration Diplomate from The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and Glojas Doctor is a Hair Transplant Surgeon.


Glojas Doctor is the inventor of ‘SMART’ which is a formulation done for the best and most effective Hair Restoration results as well as aesthetics results such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for Hair, Face and Breasts where healthy hair growth with remarkable volume is achieved and when given in other areas of the body, promotes remarkable and glowing youthful skin.


Glojas Doctor administers many types of lasers for various skin issues including non-invasive face lifts, brightening of the skin, removal of pigmentations and moles and skin that shines forth healthily from within. Dr.Gloria also administers to non-invasive weight loss through fat burners and lasers for skin tightening which include vagina tightening.


Glojas Doctor on the other hand is a Plastic Surgeon who does corrective and cosmetic surgeries on a very regular basis, from nose jobs, to the ears, eyelid surgeries, breast enlargement either through a fat transfer or implants and breast reduction, lip enlargement and reductions, liposuction for chin and neck and all parts of the body to penile enlargement. Dr.Mohd Ali also sub-specialised in Craniofacial Surgery and is Malaysia’s only Craniofacial Surgeon. He is driven by passion in knowing that the ultimate results is the work of his experienced hands and the results keeps him highly driven.


Our doctors frequently attend medical conferences around the world and share their rich experience and knowledge. All surgeries done at GLOJAS are done on local anaesthesia hence patients are fully aware during the procedures and get to leave after the completion of the surgery. No admission is needed.


GLOJAS is the ultimate Clinic for those who appreciate the first class technologies and high standards available in a developing country instead of settling for third world countries because of their knocked down prices but unknowingly exposing themselves to many medical risks of mediocre or below par medical practises. At GLOJAS, you pay for quality and it does not mean alarming prices but rather prices that correspond with world class standards, quality and most importantly, Safety.


So Yes, we are here to guide you on this journey to fulfil your heart’s desires for a better image in a package that comes with or without hotel accommodation whilst enjoying this robust and first class infrastructure of Kuala Lumpur city Clinic.



Obtain Natural Eyebrows & Facial Hair with us @Glojas

Here at Glojas we always advise our valued customers to go with the natural options. We perform 100% successful Eyebrow and Facial Hair Transplants which are not only natural using your own follicles but are permanent. Just as our SMART FUE & SMART FUT Hair Transplant, we do the same for eyebrows, facial and body hair.


Our Doctor, is the inventor of SMART Formulation which is a combination of technologies and treatments which also include SMART PRP. SMART Formulation is legally patented and we are the sole owners of our very own invention. This guarantees successful and permanent results.


One no longer needs to tattoo their eyebrows or go by artificial options for facial hair as we do it the natural way. Glojas Doctor is Malaysia’s only qualified Hair Restoration Diplomate from The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) which is the world’s highest governing institute for Hair Restoration Doctors. He is assisted by our In-House and qualified Plastic Surgeon, Glojas Doctor who comes with 15 years of rich experience and knowledge in Hair Restoration, Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery from head to toes. ABHRS


Who are qualified Hair Transplant Doctors?

We emphasize the fact that Aesthetic Doctors are not qualified in Hair Restoration Surgery neither does their affiliation or membership with any random Hair Restoration Association qualify them academically. To be academically qualified as a Hair Restoration Doctor, one must be qualified in the practise of Hair Restoration Surgery. Glojas Doctor is Malaysia’s only qualified Hair Restoration Doctor by The ABHRS (The United States) and is also a qualified Licensed Aesthetic Practitioner. Glojas Doctor is a qualified Plastic Surgeon. We need to emphasize this as many people go for knocked down prices without paying any attention to the qualifications of their doctors. We get many patients coming to us after very unsuccessful Hair Transplant procedures.

Glojas warmly welcomes you to fix for your free consultation via call or whatssap; +60123529919 / +60178129961 / +60362115555



صبغ فروة الرأس المجهر

هي احد الحلول لمشكلة الصلع و الشعر الخفيف لكل من الرجال والنساء على السواء
لان الشعر الخفيف او الصلع يؤثر على حياتهم الاجتماعية والعامة وعلى نظرتهم لأنفسهم وثقتهم بها لإحساسهم الدائم بأن هناك شيئًا ينقصهم أو يؤثر على شكلهم ال بالسلب ويجعلهم أقل جاذبيةً لدى الآخرين، خاصةً لو كانوا صغارًا في السن وتؤدي مشاكل الشعر لديهم إلى إعطائهم شكلًا أكبر من سنهم الحقيقي

جاءت تقنية صبغ فروة الرأس المجهري بفكرةٍ جديدة وهي أن ما يهمنا هو الحصول على شكلٍ جذاب يبدو شعر رأسنا فيه كثيفًا وغزيرًا فلا تظهر فروة الرأس البيضاء بشكلٍ ملفت للنظر وغير جذاب.

نظرت تلك التقنية الجديدة إلى النتيجة التي نريد الحصول عليها لا إلى بداية المشكلة أي تساقط الشعر، تريد شكلًا جذابًا ورأسًا يبدو كثيف الشعر ولست مهتمًا بالعدد الحقيقي لبصيلات شعرك؟ إذًا scalp micropigmentation
هي الحل لمثل هذه المشكلات

الفروة المجهري هو تقنيةٌ حديثة من تقنيات تلوين الجلد وصبغه وهي أقرب ما يكون لخاصية وضع التاتو بأشكال وألوان مختلفة على أي مكانٍ في الجسم، وحيث إن فروة الرأس تتكون من طبقاتٍ جلدية مماثلة للتي تغطي أجسادنا بالكامل .

فيستخدم معداتٍ خاصة بحقن الصبغة أسفل الجلد لإعطاء مظهرٍ طبيعيٍ ودائم لرأسٍ غزير الشعر وتغطية الفراغات بين بصيلات الشعر لتغطية فارق اللون بين جلدة الرأس ولون الشعر

فهي تحل مشكلة الصلع الكامل وشبه الكامل الذي تكون أغلب مناطق الرأس فيه صلعاء فيما عدا مناطق بسيطة، عندها يمكن صبغ فروة الرأس كلها بحيث تظهر دائمًا بشكل الشعر القصير النابت لتوه وهو مظهرٌ جذابٌ جدًا على العديد من الرجال.
وبهذه التقنية يمكن علاج مشكلة الشعر الخفيف عند كلٍ من الرجال والنساء وجعل الرأس يظهر أكثر كثافةً وغزارةً للناظر إليه.
وكما يتم تحديد حدود شعر الرأس عند الجبين ومؤخرة الرأس، فالصلع وتساقط الشعر يؤدي إلى تراجع خط الشعر وزيادة حجم الجبهة بشكلٍ غير جذاب، بهذه التقنية صار من الممكن رسم خط شعرٍ جديدٍ مناسب

Hair Transplant Malaysia Permanent Hair Loss Treatment

Hair transplant is a minimal invasive procedure. In this surgery Hair Follicles from one part of the body called “Donor site” are moved to a balding area of the head called recipient site. Hair Transplant procedure in Malaysia is commonly used to treat Male Pattern Baldness. As Hairs from the Donor site are genetically built to be permanent (DHT resistant) and Surgeons use those same hair follicles in hair transplant. Hence, the result of the hair transplant is permanent. Glojas Hair Transplant Malaysia is known to restore Eyebrows, Beard Hair and to fill scars caused by surgeries and accidents.
For results, hair transplant procedure can deliver some of the most realistic natural looks. Another important factor is price. But this procedure becomes sweet deal after considering good results and one-time cost, this is very satisfactory.
At Glojas International Hair Transplant Malaysia, they offer genuine advice to all patients at very affordable cost.

Glojas Aesthetic Clinic Joins ISHRS Campaign against illegal Hair Transplant

Glojas Smart International Aesthetics echoes the call by the ISHRS regarding illegal Hair Transplant Centres. Many of these unscrupulous centres refer to themselves as Hair Transplant Centres without any sense of responsibility neither a conscience. As the ISHRS as mentioned, ISHRS, Glojas feels the pertinent need in bringing education and awareness amongst the masses about the repercussions of such centres.

The Masses must be educated on the fact that General Practitioners and doctors with Aesthetic License are not qualified in Hair Restoration Surgery. Only certified surgeons. Dermatologists and Diplomates from The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery are qualified to perform Hair Transplant surgery. A membership with any Hair Restoration Association does not make a doctor qualified in Hair Restoration Surgery. Many unscrupulous doctors take it further by leaving the Hair Transplant procedure fully to nurses and many of these nurses are not academically qualified.

These unscrupulous centres go on very aggressive marketing and the masses fall for it. People need to know who can perform such a procedure and the dangers of doing the procedure with unqualified doctors. Again we reiterate here that Aesthetic Doctors and GPs are not qualified to practice as Hair Transplant Doctors. Please check that your doctor of choice is either a Surgeon, Dermatologist or a fully qualified Diplomate from The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). Always check on your doctor’s credentials. The doctor’s credentials should always be of much higher priority rather than knocked down prices. When knocked down prices and free grafts are always tossed about, it does give an indication that perhaps the said doctor is not qualified.

These very same unscrupulous doctors have the habit of throwing grafts, they claim 5,000 grafts and above and so-called free grafts but the truth of the matter is, every scalp has its own capacity of maximum grafts based on design and donor density. In a nutshell, everybody has their own maximum capacity for grafts and it does not apply across the board. In all honesty, charging by grafts does open to loads of dishonesty because patients would never know the actual grafts planted in comparison to the grafts promised. It boils down to a marketing gimmick. We appeal to the masses to always be aware and not fall for knocked down prices and the amount of grafts only to end up with unqualified hair doctors. There have been numerous cases of sudden death where more than 5,000 grafts have been planted. So the golden rule is, always know who your doctor is!



Keguguran Rambut

Keguguran rambut adalah satu masalah yang selalu dan biasa dihadapi oleh wanita dan lelaki. Terdapat banyak punca rambut gugur dan juga banyak cara anda boleh mengatasi masalah ini. Apakah Itu Keguguran Rambut? Rambut tumbuh di seluruh bahagian tubuh badan yang berkulit. Terdapat juga rambut yang sangat halus tumbuh di bahagian badan . Rambut terdiri daripada protein yang dipanggil keratin yang dihasilkan dalam folikel rambut di lapisan kulit luar. Folikel menghasilkan sel rambut baru, sel-sel lama keluar melalui permukaan kulit pada kadar kira-kira enam inci setahun. Rambut yang anda lihat sebenarnya adalah rentetan sel keratin yang mati. Kepala dewasa purata mempunyai kira-kira 99,000 hingga 149,000 rambut. Keguguran rambut sehingga 100 daripadanya sehari. Setiap folikel mempunyai kitaran hidup sendiri dari umur, penyakit, dan pelbagai faktor lain. Kitaran hayat ini dibahagikan kepada tiga fasa: Anagen – pertumbuhan rambut aktif akan berlangsung antara dua hingga enam tahun. Catagen – pertumbuhan rambut peralihan akan berlangsung dua hingga tiga minggu. Telogen – Fasa rehat yang berjalan selama dua hingga tiga bulan. Akhir fasa rehat rambut itu digugurkan dan rambut baru digantikan dan kitaran lain bermula. Sebagai orang yang berumur, kadar pertumbuhan rambut lebih lambat. Keguguran rambut adalah penipisan rambut pada kulit kepala. Perubatan untuk keguguran rambut adalah alopecia. Alopecia boleh menjadi sementara atau kekal. Alopecia terjadi tidak mengira jantina tetapi lelaki.

Keguguran Rambut

Cara cara macam mana nak control keguguran rambut. Kena pakai shampoo yang sesuai. Jangan banyak guna chemical kerana merosakkan kulit kepala. Kena buat Treatment rambut dengan Doctor rambut yang pakar dalam bidang rambut. Kena buat TREATMENT PRP Platelet Rich Plasma ini akan manambahkan penumbuhan rambut dari masa ke semasa dan untuk Kesuburan rambut supaya rambut akan bertambah lebat.


informasi tentang Rawatan PRP untuk Rambut Gugur.
kami sentiasa berusaha untuk memberikan anda informasi tentang servis Rawatan PRP untuk Rambut Gugur di Malaysia melalui kajian yang terkini.
Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) adalah rawatan popular untuk keguguran rambut. PRP adalah Plasma darah yang terkaya dengan Platelet. Doctor akan suntik di kulit kepala dimana keguguran dan kehilangan rambut berlaku. Suntikan PRP akan memulihkan masalah keguguran rambut dan mengalakkan penumbuhan rambut. Treatment PRP tidak ada kesan sampingan kerana ia adalah darah anda sendiri. Masalah keguguran rambut boleh diatasi dengan keadah PRP.

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