Best Hair Regrowth Injection (PRP)

Best Hair Regrowth Injection (PRP) @ Glojas!

  • Strictly done by a Senior Hair Restoration Doctor!
  • Malaysia’s 1st Pioneer Hair Doctor!
  • Malaysia’s 1st Pioneer Hair Transplant Diplomate from The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS)


Male pattern baldness has always been something that the majority of men had to deal with at some point during their lives. Up until a couple decades ago, hair loss was something that guys had to accept and take in stride. That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with going bald, but that it’s completely normal for people to not want to let go of their head of hair. Women too experience Female Pattern Hair Loss.


What is SMART Hair Regrowth?

SMART Hair Regrowth is a combination of supplements and SMART Platelet Rich Plasma. The Platelet Rich Plasma (SMART PRP) is treatment best to be done once a month and the number of sessions is depending on your level of hair loss.

What is Hair PRP?

Here at Glojas International Hair Transplant Centre, The SMART PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is one of hair loss treatment which involves taking a small quantity of blood from a patient, separating out the growth factors and bioactive proteins in the blood (which initiate and speed up tissue repair and regeneration) and injecting this platelet rich plasma into the scalp, to encourage hair growth. SMART is an invention by our founding CEO which is legally patented.


How does the PRP work?

  • Permanently increase blood supply to the hair follicles
  • Trigger the growth phase of the hair follicle
  • Increase the hair shaft size
  • Decrease hair loss


How much is the cost for Hair PRP?

PRP hair treatment cost starts from USD200 onwards.


Is there Pain experienced during a Hair PRP?

Very Minimal Pain is experienced.


About Our Practice & Doctor

SMART PRP sessions are strictly done by our Doctor and here at Glojas Hair Transplant Centre, our founding CEO is a qualified Aesthetic & Hair Transplant Doctor, Diplomate in Hair Restoration Surgery from The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS).


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Lower your Hairline with FUE Hair Transplant!


Hair Transplant is basically the most common procedure done for lowering hairlines. This approach is the preferred option for candidates who have thin hair at their hairline or they don’t like their uneven hairline or have a wide forehead.


At Glojas Hair Transplant Centre we practice SMART FUE Hair Transplant for lowering hairline which is combination of formulations and techniques applied for faster growth and recovery.


Is there Pain involved?

A painless and comfortable operation can be preferred by both men and women.


How much does a hair transplant for receding hairline cost?

Generally, FUE hair transplant Malaysia cost starts from USD1250 onwards.


How many grafts does it take to lower hairline?

The hairs are placed 1,2,3 at a time, if it is done aesthetically it can create a natural look, its a typical procedure to lower the hairline. It can be anywhere between 500 to 2500 grafts.


How long does hair transplant last?

Hair transplants are a permanent solution using the FUE technique, these procedures last a lifetime.

Because hair follicles are taken from regions that are genetically resistant to hair loss during these procedures, for many patients, the newly implanted hair lasts forever.


When would the transplanted hair begin to grow?

The hair would begin to grow after 3 months and the final result visible in 7-8 months.


What results can you expect if you have a hair transplant to lower your hairline?

Therefore you can expect to see good results so long as your doctor is reputable and properly qualified with solid credentials and experience.


Would the new hairline look natural?

The best course is to create an “age-appropriate” hairline from the get-go. This describes a natural approach which re-frames a patient’s face and creates appropriate proportions, and will continue to “age well” a hairline that looks as good at 25 as it will be at 65.

At Glojas Hair Transplant Centre, our results of lowering hairline are absolutely natural!


Our Doctor

Dato’ Dr.JasG is Malaysia’s 1st Pioneer Hair Transplant Diplomate from The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) and a Licensed Aesthetic Doctor from The Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH).


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