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FUE Hair Transplant Process


SMART™ FUE Hair Transplant is a simple process that involves extracting hair follicles individually from donor area. Are you seeking a scar less hair transplant technique? Practically speaking there is no such term as “scar less hair transplantation”. FUE Hair Transplant is considered as a minimally invasive technique but even it is not a scar less procedure. You will end up with tiny, pinhole scars at the donor area, but they are barely visible from distance.


In FUE or follicular unit extraction a specially designed punch tool is used to make a tiny, circular hole at the donor site to free the hair follicle from surrounding scalp tissue. This punched follicle is then carefully extracted from the scalp and stored in an artificial storage medium like a saline solution.

The surgeon keeps repeating this punching procedure until enough number of hair follicles has been extracted. This may take 2 to 3 hours.

Once enough follicles have been extracted, the surgeon moves on to plantation phase. The recipient site is first prepared by carefully crafting tiny incisions at specific angles. The angle of incision determines the direction of transplanted hair so this must be done very carefully. The surgeon then carefully inserts the prepared follicles into these incisions to complete the FUE hair transplant surgery. FUE hair transplant is a slow and lengthy procedure that takes several hours for its completion. In case of severe baldness, it may take several sessions spanned over several days to achieve the fuller and thicker look.


Recovery process after FUE hair transplantation is simple and quick; given you follow the post-procedural instructions of your surgeon. Immediately after the surgery your scalp will be sore and tender. Using cold compressions may help relieve the symptoms. However, be gentle to the scalp when applying cold compressions.

Avoid washing your scalp for 24 to 36 hours after the surgery. You will be able to resume routine, non- strenuous activities after 2 to 3 days. It will take 6 to 8 months before you will start noticing growth of transplanted hair. Full hair growth may take more than a year.


The micro-scars left on the donor area after an FUE hair transplant are almost imperceptible to the naked eye, regardless of the length of the hair (shaved or long). The micro-perforations caused by the removal of follicular units in the occipital and temporal regions will heal within a few days after the procedure. The FUE hair transplant technique is not painful: there are no sutures and little post-operative pain.

Result: More natural appearance than a conventional micrograft because of the thinness of the implants by follicular units. Great to densify an area of the scalp that is sparse. Great to correct a scar on the scalp.


The quality of the graft may be lower than with conventional micrografting. This is due to the risk of transection of the graft during its extraction with a motorized punch. Therefore, it’s important to choose a surgeon with experience in hair transplants. New scars may appear after each transplantation session. For example, a first FUE transplant of 2000 grafts will result in 2000 round micro scars. If the patient makes another FUE transplant of 1500 grafts, there will be a total of 3500 micro scars.


Each implanted hair is permanently removed from the donor area. Therefore, the surgeons of the CMCC follow a therapeutic protocol to correct baldness while preserving the donor area as much as possible.


– It was conceptualized keeping in perspective of the growing demand of aesthetic & reconstructive procedures among men & women alike, both from within the country as well as the world.

– Our clinic provides cutting-edge diagnostic and technologically advanced facilities along with specialized panel of experts for FUE Hair Transplant.

– The GLOJAS is the first of its kind in the country because of its strategic presence within a super-specialty clinic, at the same time providing patient privacy.

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What is Traction Alopecia?

Traction alopecia occurs when your hair is being pulled in the same direction for a long period of time.

Recurring strain on the hair follicles pulls out strands of hair and even damages follicles. This can cause itching, redness and causes infections or ulcers.


What are the types of hair styles that causes traction alopecia hair loss? 

  • Braids
  • Weaves
  • Tight buns and ponytails
  • Repeated use of rollers to set hair



How do I prevent traction alopecia?

  • Do not frequently use artificial hair extensions.
  • Keep changing your hairstyle more often.
  • Wear loose braids especially around the hairline.
  • Make sure your weaves, braids or cornrows are not too tight.
  • Do not use heat or heating objects daily.
  • Try to avoid sleeping in rollers.
  • Use low heat settings on blow dryers and flat irons.
  • If hair extensions are causing pain or irritation, take them out right away!
  • Do not use elastic ponytail holders and rubber bands.

Permanent Solution For Thinning Hair Line or Permanent Hair Loss.

  1. Avoid tight hairstyles. You must try to wear your hair as loosely as possible and wear the hair loose or down whenever possible.
  2. Hair Growth Medications. At Glojas International Hair Transplant Centre Malaysia, we provide the best quality of hair loss medications that is proven effective and satisfactory.
  3. Hair Regrowth Injections. Always seek for a certified hair loss clinic in Malaysia for any injectables to the scalp. Here in GLOJAS, Dato Dr JasG had created the SMART PRP hair growth treatment and is solely available in Glojas.
  4. Hair Transplant. If you are going through common or severe hair problems and thinking of undergoing a hair transplant, come to GLOJAS Hair Transplant Centre Malaysia. We offer SMART FUE hair transplant and SMART FUT hair transplant that gives the best natural looking results and patient’s safety is our top priority.


At Glojas International Hair Transplant Centre Malaysia, our doctor, Dato DR JasG is an expert in the field of hair restoration and is Malaysia’s 1st Pioneer Hair Transplant Doctor from The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). This means that you would obtain the best and outstanding treatments on par with world-class standards!

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Alopecia areata is a common autoimmune skin disease, causing hair loss on the scalp, face and sometimes on other areas of the body.

People of all ages, both sexes and all ethnic groups can develop alopecia areata. It often first appears during childhood and can be different for everyone who has it.

Topic 1: What Causes Alopecia Areata?

There are lots of factors that contribute to developing this complex condition. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease, which means your immune system mistakes the normal cells in your body as foreign invaders and attacks these cells.

Scientists aren’t exactly sure what “triggers” the immune system to attack healthy hair follicles when people have alopecia areata, or even if these triggers first happen inside the body (from a virus or bacteria), outside the body (from something in your surroundings) or if it’s a combination of both.


Topic 2: Advantages of Alopecia Areata treatment:

  • the hair will start to re-grow when the body gets the right signals
  • For some people, the disease never returns
  • Gain your confidence and get your hair back


Topic 3: Treatments Available

  • Injectable medication
  • Medicinal creams
  • Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)
  • Hair regrowth spray


Topic 4: Why choose us? 

Our specialized doctor is the sole practitioner who is the first and certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) in Malaysia, which means you will get the satisfactory treatment by the best. At Glojas, “We Bring Out The Best In You!”

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Hair loss can be the result of heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions or medications. Hair loss, but it’s more common in men.
Baldness is to do with excess hair loss that cause by the scalp. Hereditary hair loss is common cause for early baldness. There are many hair treatments available to prevent further hair loss.

Before starting any hair loss treatment or hair transplant, consult with our hair expert in Glojas about the cause of your hair loss and treatment options.

Male & Female Hair Loss Type
Hair Loss alopecia areata.
Traction alopecia

How Does Hair Loss Starts
Many type of hair loss type and depending on what’s causing it. It can come on suddenly, gradually or affect just your scalp or your whole body. Some types of hair loss are temporary and others can be permanent.

Hair Loss Signs

For Male & Female the hair commonly gradually thinning will start from top of head, as they age. For men, hair often begins to recede from the forehead that resembles the design of a M shape. As for woman their hair loss issues starts from tinning of the parting of their hair.
Some people have issues like circular, patchy and smooth, coin-sized bald spots, which the hair loss usually affects the scalp, beards or eyebrows. Some people also experience the skin becomes itchy or painful before the hair falls out.

Sudden hair loss can happen to people who’s physically or emotional shock . Handfuls of hair may come out when combing or washing their hair. This type of hair loss usually causes overall hair thinning.

Some conditions and medical treatments, such as chemotherapy for cancer treatments, can result in the hair loss all over your body and the hair usually grows back but in some cases the hair grows but so much more lesser then before after the chemo treatment.

Sign of ringworm will cause Patches of scaling that spread over the scalp that causes hair loss and they may experience broken hair, redness and swelling.


Rambut sering gugur, dah macam-macam produk guna tapi tidak berhasil menghalang rambut daripada gugur. Sebelum mencuba mana-mana produk atau rawatan, anda perlu mengetahui faktor penyebab rambut gugur.

Kenali faktor-faktor keguguran rambut

1. Hormon – tahap androgen yang tidak normal sama ada di kalangan lelaki atau wanita.

2. Genetik samadadari ibu atau bapa

2. Stress, sakit dan melahirkan anak – boleh menyebabkan keguguran rambut sementara atau kekal.

3. Ubat-ubatan – contohnya, rawatan kanser, tekanan darah tinggi, dan pil perancang kehamilan yang boleh menyebabkan rambut gugur sementara atau kekal.

4. Terbakar, kecederaan – Rambut akan kembali tumbuh selepas kecederaan pulih kecuali jika kawasan yang cedera menghasilkan parut.

5. Penyakit autoimun – Ia menyebabkan masalah alopecia areata.

6. Kosmetik – Rawatan kerintingkan atau meluruskan dan mewarnakan rambut boleh menipiskan rambut akibat rambut menjadi lemah dan rapuh. Rambut biasanya boleh tumbuh semula kecuali ada kerosakan teruk terutama pada kulit kepala.

7. Keadaan perubatan – masalah pemakanan, anemia, diabetes, lupus, dan tiroid adalah sebahagian penyakit yang boleh menyebabkan keguguran rambut. Keguguran rmabut berlaku kerada adanya kesan sampingan daripada ubat-ubatan yang diambil pesakit. Biasanya, masalah ini akan hilang setelah penyakit-penyakit itu sembuh kecuali bagi sesetengah penyakit.

8. Diet – diet yang menumpukan kepada protein yang rendah serta kalori yang rendah akan menyebabkan keguguran rambut.

Bagi mereka yang mengalami keguguran rambut yang tidak normal atau teruk, pastinya ini membimbangkan. Oleh itu, anda amat digalakkan untuk mendapatkan nasihat daripada doktor bagi mengenalpasti punca atau masalah sebenar yang dihadapi.


The most common hair loss type for women is androgenetic alopecia, also known as female pattern alopecia.
Female Alopecia is baldness, starts with hair thinning normally starts from the top, front and at the parting of the hair. It affects most commonly woman after menopause.

Female hair loss start by when you noticing excess hair loss during combing hair or during washing hair. For female hair loss normal hair shedding is approximately 100-150 hairs per day. Genetically, hair loss means one of the parents and the family members have hair loss issues.

Female pattern hair loss is also to do with hormon imbalance. Hormonal changes are common cause of female hair loss.

Female hair loss can occur after pregnancy or sudden physical or psychological stress to the body. Telogen hair loss are “Telogen Effluvium” are usually temporary hair loss.
Hair lost treatment often starts with Rogaine (topical minoxidil 2%). Rogaine is FDA approved medication currently available for female hair loss. Spironolactone pills help many women, before menopause.

Hair transplant doctor will analyse is his patient a suitable candidate for a hair transplant procedure to achieve a satisfactory results by using Smart FUE techniques. The results achieve is depend on individual female patients is different results achieve. It also depend on each individual health also.

Female hair loss can happen after perming hair , using hair dyes, shampoo that is not suitable to the scalp type, oily scalp, dry scalp can caused hair loss used or hormon issues.

This information given is for educational and research purposes analyse by Glojas.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is described as completely bald spots of the scalp. Hair round the bald areas are of small diameter near the root and of bigger at the edge of the shaft.

Hair loss tends to be rapid in alopecia areata. In some cases, hair loss appears progressively at irregular intervals. Alopecia areata can affect both males and females, and even children. There’s a 1% possibility for someone to be affected by Alopecia Areata. Approximately 25% of alopecia areata cases are due to heredity.

Almost 20% of alopecia areata cases reappear or even end up with permanent alopecia.

Factors of great importance for the beginning and progress of alopecia areata can be of the following kind:

  1. Genetic
  2. Psychological
  3. Immunological

In some cases, no treatment is needed for alopecia areata and hair grows back quite soon (although white in some rare cases).

Treatment of alopecia areata can be topical or systematic. Alopecia Areata is usually dermatologically treated. The effectiveness of each therapy depends on the pattern, extent and periodicity of the phenomenon.
Hair transplantation could be implemented in specific cases

زراعة الشعر عند النساء

لا شك أن المظهر الجميل للشعر هو المطلب الأساسي لكل امرأة، وبالتالي تسبب مشكلة تساقط الشعر مشكلة حقيقة قد تؤثر على نفسية المرأة، لرغبتها في الأفضل دائما، لذلك قد يكون زراعة الشعر للنساء هو الحل الجذري لتلك المشكلة 

أسباب تساقط الشعر عند النساء تختلف أسباب تساقط الشعر عند النساء ما بين أسباب مرضية وأخرى غير مرضية كالتال

 الأسباب المرضية قد لا تكون العوامل الوراثية من اسباب تساقط الشعر عند النساء الوحيدة، فقد يكون تساقط الشعر بسبب أحد الأمراض مثل: اضطرابات الغدة الدرقية. تكيس المبايض. سعفة الرأس


ماهي زراعة الشعر عند النساء؟

هي عملية يتم فيها إزالة الشعر من منطقة معينة، واعادة زراعتها في الاماكن التي تعاني من تساقط الشعر اوالصلع او حتى لاسباب تجميلية , حيث أن بعض النساء اللاتي لايرغبن بالجبهة العالية , يلجؤون الى زراعة الشعر لخفض خط الشعر الامامي لتقليص اتساع الجبهة

يجب عليك التدقيق في اختيار طبيب زراعة الشعر بحيث يكون مؤهلاً وخبيراً، ويجب أن يأخذ الطبيب في الاعتبار عوامل مثل زاوية واتجاه نمو الشعر ومراعاة اللون ، وذلك حتى ينمو الشعر بشكل طبيعي 

عموما مع التقنيات الحديثة اصبحت زراعة الشعر حلا رائعا للنساء و خصوصا تقنية الاقتطاف و التي تعتبر حلا ذهبيا في هذا المجال. تقوم هذه التقنية على استخراج مجموعات الوحدات الجريبي الطبيعية  ويتم زرعهم في المناطق المرادة

تكون المنطقة المانحة من الظهر وجانبي الرأس و تعتبر هذه الطريقة الحل الامثل للنساء للحصول على الشعر بشكل دائم خاصة و انها تترك ندوب او خطوط اذا لم تتم عند طبيب متخصص ومتمرس بزراعة الشعر وذو خبرة طويلة لان زراعة الشعر تتطلب جراحة دقيقة جدا

حتى لا تترك اثارا وندوب


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