SMART Platinum Glutathione

SMART Platinum Glutathione


Get softer, clearer and brighter looking skin with the help of our Glutathione infusions. It Acts in fighting the signs of aging, Glutathione is the body’s most important antioxidant and it helps to prevent and reverse the effects of free radicals. Enjoy a natural cosmetic rejuvenation and unlock the secret to healthier skin.

Supplement your body’s supply of Glutathione and help cleanse your vital organs while preventing the aging effects of free radicals. Glutathione infusions are far more superior compared to traditional oral supplements. Give your body the wellness lift it needs and enjoy our non-surgical approach to cosmetic rejuvenation.

As in all Aesthetic procedures, one must be fully aware that miracles do not happen overnight. Anything that results in overnight whitening is highly dangerous to health and well-being. We recommend that a session be done once in two weeks for the next 6 months and then maintained once a month for the next one year.

Here at Glojas Smart International Aesthetics, a combination of vitamins and minerals with potent Vitamin C and Glutathione that is administered via intravenous for an hour. It revitalizes the entire body and organs that leave patients feeling a great sense of energy and alertness whilst remarkable changes take place for general well-being and skin. The candidate will also experience getting fairer as time goes by after following a close regiment for once in two weeks. Glutathione comes in an infusion combination of vitamins and minerals and also in tablet form. Infusions are more potent and superior in comparison to tablets but those who wish to opt for tablets, they can but must understand the fact that whilst tablets take a much longer time.

As in all beauty and aesthetic procedures, one must be willing to undergo this treatment on a regular basis for a year and then follow-up sessions for the purposes of maintenance. No one should expect a burst of ultra-fairness in skin complexion after the first few sessions. Energy levels will increase but the full blown results would take a year hence this regimented treatment is good for those who have the discipline and willingness to be patient.

Did you know there is a substance that your body produces and that is used in many skin lightening products? This substance is called Glutathione and it is referred to as the body’s master antioxidant. It is created inside our livers and holds a very crucial role for us. Without the production of Glutathione, we can suffer from a weaker immune system leaving our health at risk for diseases and infections.

Doctors will prescribe Glutathione orally to patients who are deficient in it and suffer from health issues such as cancer, asthma, heart disease, glaucoma and more. Glutathione can also be injected into a muscle to help prevent toxic side effects from chemotherapy or to help resolve male fertility issues. Even though it is used primarily for medical purposes, thanks to its many benefits, it is also one of the main ingredients in many skin lightening products.

Over time your levels of Glutathione begin to diminish because of various reasons. The most common reasons for a decreased level of Glutathione are the toxic load in your body, your diet, certain medications, health problems, stress and maturing in age. Therefore, it’s essential to maintain a healthy diet, or using Glutathione as a treatment if you suffer from a weak immune system or other health conditions.

There are a few ways Glutathione can be administered: orally, topically, or even through an IV. When it is administered through an IV, it will allow the jumpstart of your Glutathione levels by being injected directly into your bloodstream and being brought directly to your liver and to the other cells throughout your body.

Even though this antioxidant is mainly used in treating health conditions, there are side effects from ingesting it or applying it as a topical to enhance your levels. Glutathione is made up of three amino acids: glycine, cysteine, and glutamine. Each does specific things to your body. However, the one that causes lightening in pigmentation is called Cysteine (L-cysteine).

Cysteine (L-cysteine) facilitates the creation of pheomelanin, a lighter pigment than eumelanin (found in your natural skin). It does this by lowering the production of melanin by hindering an enzyme called tyrosinase and manipulating your metabolic pathways that produce darker pigments to that of lighter ones. Because of this, the amino acid is used in many skin whitening products.

The use of Glutathione as a skin lighter started in Asia for Korean skin lightening and Japanese skin lightening but now is predominantly used internationally and you can easily find glutathione for skin whitening before and after images on Google. Depending on how often one applies this to whiten their complexion, studies have shown that it will take up to 3-4 months for people of lighter completion to see results, and 6-12 months for those of a darker complexion to notice effects of skin lighting from the use of glutathione.

So now that you know about the background of glutathione lets discuss the ways in which you can use glutathione to lighten the complexion of your skin, the proper dosages for skin whitening, how to take glutathione effectively and find out how long does glutathione take to work and whiten skin. Not forgetting the effectives of a boost of vitamins and minerals all in one booster through intravenous!


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