Effective Vanquish Fat Burners

Effective Vanquish Fat Burners @ GLOJAS!


Get your stubborn abdominal fats killed permanently!

At Glojas Smart International Aesthetics, we burn your fats permanently with our non invasive body contouring devices. The ‘BTL Vanquish Me’ is one of the latest and non-invasive treatments to treat excess fat around the abdomen area. (It is also approved for thighs and arms.)


How does it work?

Vanquish relies on heat. It uses radiofrequency to target the fat layer of skin, causing apoptosis or cell death. The fat cells are then cleared naturally through lymphatic channels.


Is it Painful?

It is painless and requires a series of four sessions, 45-minute treatments spaced one week apart and the results are permanent. Whether your fat-cells will be killed and there will be no reincarnation!


How does this treatment feel?

Imagine lounging with a heating pad on the low to medium setting or laying out in the sun on a warm day. The heat is mild enough that I wouldn’t even describe it as “hot.” It’s just a nice wash of warmth that feels pleasant. There is absolutely nothing remotely resembling pain or even discomfort.


What about the procedure?

The hardest part of the treatment by far is that you can’t use your phone during it because of the mechanics of the positive and negative electrodes, metal and signalling devices can disrupt or even break the machine. One can read a magazine or easily take a nap.

How many sessions would I need?

One must be fully aware that when it comes to beauty and aesthetics, expect no miracle in the first few sessions. One is required one session per week for at least 8 weeks without a break in the chain.


How much does it cost?

The Vanquish non invasive body contouring cost at Glojas Aesthetic Clinic Malaysia starts from USD200 onwards depending on the targeted area.

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