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Treating Female Pattern Hair Loss

Treating Female Pattern Hair Loss @ Glojas


Noticeable hair loss in women can be deeply distressing.

About one-third of women experience hair loss (alopecia) at some time in their lives; among postmenopausal women, as many as two-thirds suffer hair thinning or bald spots. Hair loss in women often has a greater impact than hair loss does on men w, because it’s less socially acceptable for them. Alopecia can severely affect a woman’s emotional well-being and quality of life.


What is female androgenetic alopecia?

Almost every woman eventually develops some degree of female pattern hair loss. It can start any time after the onset of puberty, but women tend to first notice it around menopause, when hair loss typically increases. The risk rises with age, and it’s higher for women with a history of hair loss on either side of the family.


How to know that she develops with female pattern hair loss?

At Glojas Hair Loss Clinic Malaysia, we do few tests to diagnosed female pattern hair loss.

  1. Scalp and Hair Analysis
  2. Hair Pull Test
  3. Blood Test
  4. Medical and Family History Assessment


What is suitable treatment for female pattern hair loss?

  1. Hair Transplant
  2. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection
  3. Female Hair Loss Medication Protocol only @ Glojas



How much does it cost to have a female pattern hair loss treatment?

The price for female hair loss treatment in Malaysia start from USD200 onwards depending on the level of hair loss. Some patient not necessary to do the Platelet Rich Plasma Injection or Hair Transplant if they are at the early stage of female pattern hair loss.


What is a good age to get a female pattern hair loss treatment?

At age 18 onwards


Will there be after care?

Yes, we will follow-up closely with you for your after care appointments.


Our Doctor

At Glojas Hair Loss Clinic Malaysia, our doctor, Dato’ Dr. JasG comes with more than 25 years of experience and does treat female pattern hair loss on a very regular basis.



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Please contact us for your Free Consultation appointment with Dato’ Dr JasG! +60362115555. Here at Glojas, we bring out the best in you!

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