Breast & Butt Lift of your Heart’s Desire

Breast & Butt Lift of your Heart’s Desire @ GLOJAS!

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Here at Glojas Plastic Surgery Malaysia, our In-House Plastic Surgeon Dr.Mohd Ali performs a natural alternative for breast and butt lift and enlargement through a fat transfer procedure.


What does the process entail?

The process is via a liposuction where the fats are extracted and then transferred to the breasts and butts for a lift and augmentation.

However, for those who lack fats or are very petite or feel that they need much larger breasts, they can opt for Breast Implants. However, for the butts, it will have to be a fat transfer.


How long does the procedure take?

Fat Transfer to breasts and butts, it can take around 3 hours and done on local anaesthetic meaning that the patient is fully awake and aware during the procedure with no discomfort and pain.


Can the patient get home after the procedure?

The patient gets to leave after the completion of the procedure.


Can a person who lacks fats do the procedure from a fat donor?

The answer is a complete no. There is no such thing as a fat donor as the body will reject it hence it’s not an option. Such a person has to opt for implants. Implants can be of a desired size but is also subjected to the individual’s body and space.


Is Pain Involved?

Very Minimal as Local Anesthesia will be administered.


What is the Costs for a Fat Transfer to either the Breasts or Butts?

Fat transfer surgery cost starts from USD3,000 onwards and depends on issues and desired results.


Can Fat Transfers Surgery Cause Cancer?

The answer is an absolute no!


What is required before the procedure?

We practice a standard operating procedure for both options where customers are required to do an Ultra Sound Scan of their breasts or a mammogram before qualifying for these procedures. This is our strict requirement.


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