Do you desire for a well defined and attractive Jawline and Chin

Do you desire for a well defined and attractive Jawline and Chin?

Many do see the advantages of having this desired facial feature as it keeps the face looking youthful, attractive and well contoured.

With age, the facial region tends to look broader and, in some cases, square due to the persistent pattern of chewing.

However, many fears going under the knife, this is highly personal, there are those who have fears and those who don’t. As for those who have fears, we have the best face contouring solution for you!



An Aesthetic Doctor that makes the difference!

This procedure of Jawline & Chin redefinition is performed by our highly talented and richly experienced Aesthetic Doctor, Dato’ Dr.JasG! He holds more than 20 years of experience in Aesthetic Medicine and truth be told, when it comes to Aesthetic Injectables, what determines the best and longest lasting results is solely based on the talent and experience of an Aesthetic Doctor!



Have you lost weight?

Dato’ Dr.JasG uses multifunctional Botox and dermal fillers for the redefinition of the Jawline and Chin. Results may last for 6 – 9 months and it leaves you looking natural with a well contoured jawline and chin where people may think that you lost some weight! This is solely the talent of Dato’ Dr.JasG that one should experience the remarkable difference!


  • Strictly done by a Senior & Highly Qualified Aesthetic Doctor!
  • Highly Experienced Aesthetic Doctor with Credentials from The Ministry of Health Malaysia!
  • Senior Aesthetic Doctor who is a qualified Aesthetic Diplomate from The American Board of Aesthetic Medicine (ABAM)!
  • Holds more than 20 years of Experience, Knowledge & Talent in Aesthetic Medicine!


What are Chin Dermal Fillers?

A great alternative to a surgical chin implant is a non-surgical chin augmentation, achieved with dermal fillers. When it comes to surgical chin augmentation procedures, the prospect of going under the knife is often daunting for patients. It is not something that should be based on a rushed decision nor should it be the only option considered.

These days there are a wide variety of non surgical face contouring options, meaning that patients seeking dramatic results without having to resort to surgery can achieve their heart’s desire for a perfectly defined Chin and Jawline.

A great looking chin and jawline adds to one’s personality. At Glojas Smart International Aesthetic, our continued dedication to provide the best chin and jawline augmentation results from a collaborative approach.


What is a Jawline Redefining Botox & Dermal Fillers?

Here at Glojas, we also advice on Jaw Redefining with Botox whilst Dermal are for Chin Augmentation. This brings about perfection in the results for a beautifully defined Chin and Jawline. Take note that such results can only be achieved by highly experienced and talented Aesthetic Doctors.


Is there pain during a Jawline Botox & Dermal Filler Procedure?

Absolutely No!


Is Jawline & Chin Redefinition affordable?

It starts from USD300 onwards for Jawline Botox and USD400 onwards for Dermal Fillers depending on the issue and desired results.


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Glojas Enhances Your Beauty Beyond Boundaries!

Exilis Facial Skin Tightening @ GLOJAS


At Glojas Smart International Aesthetic, the Exilis treatment is a non-surgical facelift solution that is scientifically proven to treat skin laxity on your face and body safely and efficiently.


What is Exilis Skin Tightening?

The first and only skin tightening treatment to simultaneously combine radio frequency and ultrasound to stimulate collagen production to produce a smoother and firmer look and feel to the skin. It works by tightening the skin and stimulating collagen, softens wrinkles and fine lines.


What does Exilis do?

This face contouring treatment can reduce jowls and redefine the jaw line. It can also tighten and smooth the neck and reduce excess skin under the chin. Many patients use it as an effective, non-surgical alternative to a face lift.


Who is the ideal candidate?

The Exilis treatment is ideal for ages 18 and above and those looking for cosmetic improvement on their face and body particularly those areas that show the signs of aging, unhealthy life style or have not responded to other treatment options. The Exilis offers cosmetic improvement without surgery.


What does Exilis targets?


  1. Face (lower, mid, and upper face) for sagging skin and wrinkles
  2. Eyelids and around the eyes for droopy eyes and loose skin/wrinkles under the eyes
  3. Lips and around the mouth for fine lines and wrinkled skin
  4. Neck for sagging skin and lines (turkey neck)
  5. Double chin for reduction of excess facial fat and skin tightening


Is it painful?

There is no pain or irritation during the procedure, only a warm sensation. The treatment is performed in a lying down position so you can easily relax during the procedure.


How many Exilis treatments needed?

Most patients undergo between 2 to 4 treatments scheduled on a weekly basis.


How fast can one see the results?

This very much depends on the treated area, its condition and other factors. You may see visible improvements after a single session. Results will typically improve after a month of follow-up sessions.


How much does Smart Exilis cost?

Exilis skin tightening cost starts from USD300 onwards. These costs vary based on the extent of the procedure and areas treated.


Our Doctor

Dato’ Dr. JasG is a licensed Aesthetic Doctor from the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH). He is a Diplomate in Aesthetic Medicine from the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine (ABAM). He holds more than 20 years of experience as an Aesthetic Doctor.


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Effective Non Invasive Facelift @ GLOJAS!



What’s the purpose of a Non Invasive Facelift?

Your face represents your image and mirror that others notice and look at hence the pertinent need to mitigate all possibilities of looking tired, worn out or haggard. People see the vital need today to take away years from their face which in return boosts their self-confidence.


What does a Non Invasive Facelift do?

Today, lasers have advanced leaps and bound and with regards to our non-invasive Facelift, our customers keep returning for more! The effectiveness of this face contouring treatment speaks for its self where wrinkles, freckles and sagging skin is drastically reduced and eventually removed with repeated sessions of this remarkable laser treatment.


What does Non Invasive Facelift focus on?

Our laser is highly recommended and trusted for removing;

  1. Ageing skin
  2. Sagging Skin
  3. Droopy Cheeks
  4. Deep Lines & Folds
  5. Neck Band


How many sessions is needed?

We at GLOJAS strongly recommend our customers who have these issues mentioned above to regularly get this treatment done, meaning once a month. A Package of many sessions would save much on the costs.


Is there downtime?

Absolutely Not!


Is there pain?

Absolutely Not!


How much does Non Invasive Facelift Cost?

It starts from USD200 onwards.

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Facial Sculpting @ GLOJAS!


How does face sculpting work?

The facial sculpting is going to help tone and strengthen certain muscles so they pull and sculpt to enhance the jawline and really contour the cheekbone area. The sculpting part incorporates infrared radiofrequency, which communicates directly with the muscles in your face, which then releases all tension

It is an effective, non-surgical face contouring technology that aids to remove cellulite and aiding of fine line and wrinkles, all while using its pain free technology to also shrink and destroy fat cells.


What technology is used for Facial Sculpting @ GLOJAS?

At GLOJAS, we are using the latest and advanced SMART Ultra. SMART Ultra ensures energy is delivered to various depths of tissues without pain. The changing power and cooling during treatment allows deep treatment of tissues. Skin temperatures are controlled throughout the entire session for utmost safety. Facial sculpting goes deeper and targets strategic areas of the patient’s bone structure, thereby facilitating an anatomical change that helps them look more defined, natural, and attractive.

Facial sculpting is an ideal treatment option for men and women of all ages and varies in cost depending on the amount of treatment needed to achieve the patient’s desired results. Common areas targeted include the high lateral cheekbone, jawline, and chin.


Benefits of Facial Sculpting.

  • Little to no recovery time
  • Quick procedure
  • Minimal pain
  • Long lasting results
  • High patient satisfaction


How long does the Facial Sculpting take?

Depending on the area, it will usually take approximately 20-30 minutes per session and requires no downtime, allowing patients to proceed with their lives with minimal disruption.


When will I see the results?

Facial Sculpting works by immediately restoring facial volume to correct wrinkles and folds for natural looking results that can last up to one year in many patients. You may see visible improvement after a single session. You will see more, after 4-5 sessions.


How much does it cost?

The price may vary according to the skin condition. Price starts from USD100. Special package price will be different.

Years of expertise and a support network of the highly qualified and caring staff at Glojas Aesthetic Clinic Malaysia endeavours to make your transformation journey from fine to fabulous, a confidential, and memorable experience.


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Effective Skin Tightening Face & Neck Lift!


How does the Skin Tightening Facelift work?

It is a skin tightening treatment that uses ultrasound technology and Radio Frequency (RF) that transmit energy to the deep tissue. When used on the treatment area, you will feel a warm sensation. This is because it has the capability of reaching deep into the skin tissues while utilising an advanced cooling technique to protect the skin from experiencing further damage. This face contouring treatment is suitable for anyone as the skin starts ageing in the 20s and this non-invasive laser brings back youth and a firmer skin texture.


Is there Pain Involved?

It hardly causes pain except for some; they may feel a very slight burning sensation and slight redness.

While undergoing this procedure, the skin’s condition will be monitored constantly for a comfortable procedure.


What does this treatment do?

The transmitted heat can rejuvenate saggy skin and smoothen wrinkles by promoting growth and production of collagen in the skin whilst improving its texture and elasticity. Once the new collagen is formed, loose skin will look younger and tighter.


How fast can one experience the results?

The change in skin in terms of texture and healthy glow whilst drastic reduction of pigmentations will begin to show from the 3rd week of the second session where customers will begin to experience the results for themselves and many who know them will notice the change in their skin.


How much does it?

This treatment for skin tightening cost starts from US200.


Is there downtime?

Not at all.


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