Earlobe Corrective Surgery

Earlobe Corrective Surgery


At Glojas Plastic Surgery Centre, our In-House Plastic Surgeon is one of Malaysia’s top plastic surgeons and Malaysia’s only fully qualified Craniofacial Surgeon. Dr. Mohd Ali holds more than 15 years of rich experience, knowledge and talent in Cosmetic surgery, Corrective surgery and Craniofacial surgery. Our Medical Centre is located in an affluent residential area based in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The earlobe is the lower, fleshy part of the ear that is sometimes pierced. The area consists of a delicate piece of skin that is made up of fat and skin.

We can manage:

  • Split earlobes
  • Elongated earlobes
  • Stretched earlobes
  • Reduction of earlobe size

A split earlobe is more likely to occur for those that wear heavy earrings constantly.

Elongation of the hole or complete splitting of the earlobe can occur either over time through the thin wire of an earring being pulled by the weight of an earring or through trauma such as the jewellery being yanked or snagged suddenly.

Big holes in the earlobe from big plug earrings that stretch the hole intentionally can also be repaired.

We also complete ear lobe reduction procedures to re-shape and re-size the fleshy lobe part of the ear.


Is the procedure painful?

Apart from the local anaesthetic injection, which may feel like a little prick, you should not feel any discomfort at all. You might experience a slight stinging sensation as the ear begins to numb throughout. When the treatment has finished and anaesthetic effect wears off, slight discomfort may be experienced. Usually, patients do not require the consumption of pain killers.


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