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What is Areola Reduction?

The nipples and the dark area surrounding them, known as the areola, are primary features of your breasts. Like breasts, areolas vary widely in size, colour, and shape. It’s completely normal to have large or differently sized areolas. If you’re uncomfortable with the size of your areolas, a reduction is possible.

Areola reduction is a cosmetic surgery and is a relatively simple procedure that can reduce the diameter of one or both of your areolas. It can be performed on its own, or together with a breast lift, a breast reduction, or breast augmentation.


What is The Areola Reduction Procedure?

Stage 1 – Induction of Anaesthesia:

Medications are administered. The procedure is usually performed under local anaesthesia.


Stage 2 – Treatment:

During the surgery, the round ring-like strip of excess areola will be removed on the outer part of the operated areola. The new smaller areola will be sutured to the outer normal skin that will create many small pleats around the created areola. In case of excess pleat, the surgeon may include removal of skin strip through vertical incision to avoid formation of new pleat. Usually this will resolve itself in few months.


Stage 3 – Closing the incisions:

Stitches are then used to close the incision, and gauze dressings are placed over the breasts.


The advantages of Areola/Nipple Reduction?

* Give you a better look of your breast

* Fulfill your desire

* Gain confidence and self-esteem

* Improve sense of wellbeing and quality of life


Are patients usually satisfied after the procedure?

Patients are often satisfied. The result is considered permanent


How long does Areola Reduction Surgery take place?

Areola reduction is usually performed on an outpatient basis. The procedure takes between 1 and 2 hours, and you can go home after the effects of the anaesthetic wear off.


Is there any downtime?

The recovery takes one to two weeks. Most people are back to work in two to four weeks. Strenuous activities can resume within four to six weeks. Our expert will advise you.

There are instructions to follow after areola reduction surgery to maintain the desired shape of the nipples and areola and ensure healing:

  • Ice the area to reduce swelling.
  • Avoid lifting anything weighing over 1 kg in the first few days.
  • Avoid bending over or reaching above your head for a few days.
  • Wear a support bra for the first 3 weeks following surgery.


How much does an Areola Reduction Surgery Cost?

The cost of an areola reduction procedure can vary depending on the patient. It starts from USD1,000 onwards and depends on the size and severity. Your surgeon will help you estimate potential costs.


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