Buccal Fat Removal

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What is Buccal Fat Removal?

A buccal fat removal is a plastic surgery procedure that removes excess fatty tissue in the cheeks to achieve a more proportional facial appearance and defined cheek contour.


How much is a buccal fat removal?

It starts from USD1000 onwards.


Does buccal fat removal hurt?

Minimal Pain. Buccal fat pad removal is a soft tissue procedure, you will feel mild discomfort. We will provide with antibiotics, pain killers and swelling medication for at least 7 days.


Does buccal fat removal help with jowls?

By removing the oral mucosa and buccal fat pad simultaneously, this pressure is released, and the bulki- ness disappears from the cheek and jowl, aesthetically improving the cheek and mandibular border.

How does buccal fat removal work?

Buccal fat is located between the buccinator muscle and superficial muscles of the face. Buccal fat can be removed in one of two methods. First of all, buccal fat can be removed from inside the cheek area. A small incision is made in the lining of the cheek and then the buccal fat can be extracted from the face.


Who is a candidate for buccal fat removal?

You may be a good candidate for buccal fat removal if;


  1. You are bothered by the appearance of your chubby cheeks.
  2. You have realistic expectations about the procedure.
  3. You are physically healthy and at a stable weight.


Will there be after care?

Yes, we will follow-up closely with you for your after care appointments.


Our Surgeon

At Glojas, our Plastic Surgeon, Dr.Mohd Ali comes with more than 15 years of experience and does Buccal Fat Removal procedures on a very regular basis.


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