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Breast Surgeries

Cosmetic Breast surgeries


Many women consider Cosmetic Breast surgeries ( Mammoplasty ) to get more attractive . Doctors say women’s breast skin become wrinkled as they get older, also breast tissue may undergo relative shrinkage. These changes usually causes bad psychological effects such as anxiety, depression, loss of self-confidence and self-esteem. Cosmetic breast surgeries (mammoplasty) can be helpful in such situations. These procedures usually done after general anesthesia. The surgeon made an incision in the axillary region as a site of entrance to reach the breast tissue. The breast tissue is processed according to the planned procedure (augmentation, reduction… etc.). After finishing, incision is closed, sterile compression bandage is placed. The main complaint usually is painful traction sensation; it can be cured by analgesics. In recovery period, smoking isn’t allowed, also it is forbidden to carry heavy objects or leaning forwards. Breast augmentation surgery (breast implant) for women: It is the most common breast procedures as it is used in cases of breast atrophy or as a personal desire to get bigger ones. This procedure can be used also after mastectomy; the extracted breast tissue can be replaced by synthetic implant similar to the natural one. Breast implants are different in size, shape and consistency; choosing the suitable one depends on many circumstances (breast size, candidate expectations, purpose of the procedure… etc.). The implant is inserted above or under the pectoral muscles through an incision made usually in the axillary region. This procedure should be done after full development of the breast tissue (age of 18 years old).

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