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FUE Hair Transplant Process


SMART™ FUE Hair Transplant is a simple process that involves extracting hair follicles individually from donor area. Are you seeking a scar less hair transplant technique? Practically speaking there is no such term as “scar less hair transplantation”. FUE Hair Transplant is considered as a minimally invasive technique but even it is not a scar less procedure. You will end up with tiny, pinhole scars at the donor area, but they are barely visible from distance.


In FUE or follicular unit extraction a specially designed punch tool is used to make a tiny, circular hole at the donor site to free the hair follicle from surrounding scalp tissue. This punched follicle is then carefully extracted from the scalp and stored in an artificial storage medium like a saline solution.

The surgeon keeps repeating this punching procedure until enough number of hair follicles has been extracted. This may take 2 to 3 hours.

Once enough follicles have been extracted, the surgeon moves on to plantation phase. The recipient site is first prepared by carefully crafting tiny incisions at specific angles. The angle of incision determines the direction of transplanted hair so this must be done very carefully. The surgeon then carefully inserts the prepared follicles into these incisions to complete the FUE hair transplant surgery. FUE hair transplant is a slow and lengthy procedure that takes several hours for its completion. In case of severe baldness, it may take several sessions spanned over several days to achieve the fuller and thicker look.


Recovery process after FUE hair transplantation is simple and quick; given you follow the post-procedural instructions of your surgeon. Immediately after the surgery your scalp will be sore and tender. Using cold compressions may help relieve the symptoms. However, be gentle to the scalp when applying cold compressions.

Avoid washing your scalp for 24 to 36 hours after the surgery. You will be able to resume routine, non- strenuous activities after 2 to 3 days. It will take 6 to 8 months before you will start noticing growth of transplanted hair. Full hair growth may take more than a year.


The micro-scars left on the donor area after an FUE hair transplant are almost imperceptible to the naked eye, regardless of the length of the hair (shaved or long). The micro-perforations caused by the removal of follicular units in the occipital and temporal regions will heal within a few days after the procedure. The FUE hair transplant technique is not painful: there are no sutures and little post-operative pain.

Result: More natural appearance than a conventional micrograft because of the thinness of the implants by follicular units. Great to densify an area of the scalp that is sparse. Great to correct a scar on the scalp.


The quality of the graft may be lower than with conventional micrografting. This is due to the risk of transection of the graft during its extraction with a motorized punch. Therefore, it’s important to choose a surgeon with experience in hair transplants. New scars may appear after each transplantation session. For example, a first FUE transplant of 2000 grafts will result in 2000 round micro scars. If the patient makes another FUE transplant of 1500 grafts, there will be a total of 3500 micro scars.


Each implanted hair is permanently removed from the donor area. Therefore, the surgeons of the CMCC follow a therapeutic protocol to correct baldness while preserving the donor area as much as possible.


– It was conceptualized keeping in perspective of the growing demand of aesthetic & reconstructive procedures among men & women alike, both from within the country as well as the world.

– Our clinic provides cutting-edge diagnostic and technologically advanced facilities along with specialized panel of experts for FUE Hair Transplant.

– The GLOJAS is the first of its kind in the country because of its strategic presence within a super-specialty clinic, at the same time providing patient privacy.

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