Acne Scars Treatment

Acne Scars Treatment @ Glojas


Can acne scars be Treated?

These acne scar treatments are not cure-alls, and insurance usually doesn’t cover them, but they do help to minimize the appearance of scars. Some acne scars are permanent and some go away over time.

What are the suitable treatments to treat acne scars?

  1. Microdermabrasion
  2. Chemical peels
  3. Laser resurfacing
  4. Fillers
  5. Subcision
  6. PRP Facial treatment



How long do acne scars take to go away?

The discoloration from dark marks will usually fade over time between 3-6 months to go away. With the treatment options at Glojas, we can help to speed up the process.


How much does it cost to treat acne scars?

Acne scar treatment cost starts from USD100 onwards.


What is a good age to get a acne scars treatment?

At age 18 onwards


Will there be after care?

Yes, we will follow-up closely with you for your after care appointments.


Our Doctor

At Glojas Aesthetic Centre, our doctor, Dato’ Dr. JasG comes with more than 25 years of experience and does treat acne scars on a very regular basis.


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