Hair Transplant by ABHRS Diplomate


Hair Transplant by ABHRS Diplomate

“ Malaysia’s Sole ABHRS Diplomate & One of Malaysia’s Top Plastic Surgeons come together bringing only the best results on par with World Class Standards!”

There are two common types of hair transplant surgery available on the market: “FUT” and “FUE”. This two types include stem cells and PRP.

FUT stands for follicular unit transplantation and is otherwise known as “strip surgery”. This involves removing a piece of skin, dividing it under a microscope into individual groupings of follicular units and then those are transplanted into the recipient area.

FUE stands for follicular unit excision. It used to stand for extraction, except excision sounds more like the sort of thing only a doctor should do and so it was changed. Rather than a strip, FUE involves individual follicular extraction in which follicles are removed within a small circular punch that is less than a millimetre in diameter. FUE is newer, but both types have merit and both should be considered.



“There is, realistically, only a handful of surgeons who perform very good, state of the art surgery and who utilise the right hairs in the right place,” said Stevenson. A lot of clinics are trying to open up, cutting corners and quality in an attempt to profit off the increased interest in surgery thanks to celebrity examples.

The cost is a good guide to whether it’s a trustworthy Hair Transplant Centre or not. You should be looking to pay anything between USD4,000 to USD6,000 for full coverage. One important rule that you should be looking for in a doctor is not someone desperate or keen to get you into the operating theatre but a doctor who has the right credentials, rich experience and passion.



You have to take people back a few steps, because people need to know what’s going to happen to the rest of their hair. You need somebody who tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. “They’ll tell you it’s easy to do. They’ll get you in next week, offer you a discount.” This is not an encouraged medical practice. A good practitioner will inform you and educate you on the procedure and whether you may need a transplant or other conventional treatments or a combination of both.


Find a surgeon who is thinking about how your hair will look your whole life long. Patients often can’t see beyond the first one or two years. They just want to look good in their twenties and they get a hairline put in that looks terrible once the rest of their hair falls out. A good doctor, will ward you away from quick fixes.


What to look for in a doctor

  1. Who is doing the surgery?

If the person you’re talking to can’t tell you who the doctor is going to be that’s an alarm bell, as they might be flying in an unlicensed, unaccountable doctor or in most cases, a doctor with no proper Hair Transplant credentials.


  1. Look for quality, rather than quantity, from a doctor.

A doctor with credentials who personally performs the surgery which can take a full day.


  1. Is the procedure done by the doctor?

Cheaper clinics may aim to have nurses or technicians perform the entire procedure. The cutting of skin and the injecting of the anaesthetic, the planning of the hairline, seem like simple things, but in reality you’ve got to be able to plan something that works for the rest of the patient’s life.

  1. Is the team of medical staff working for the same Doctor or brought in only for the procedure?
  2. Qualifications.

If the Hair Transplant Doctor is a Diplomate, it clearly shows the highest level of Hair Transplant Surgery qualification.


The surgery

The donor area is checked for strength and density, doctor will advise the transplant of grafts over a one-day procedure, lasting eight hours. The big day will start off with having the head shaved. After the area is cleaned and given local anaesthetic, the doctor will begin with the hair transplant procedure. The procedure take a full day of at least 8 hours for a full coverage of transplantation.




Rambut merupakan aset utama bagi lelaki mahupun perempuan. Jadi tidak hairanlah ramai yang sanggup menghabiskan duit untuk mahkota masing-masing.

Tahukah anda bahawa zaman yang serba moden ini, anda boleh mengatasi masalah kebotakan, keguguran rambut atau untuk melebatkan lagi rambut anda dengan proses penanaman rambut.

Tanam rambut ini merupakan prosedur yang dilakukan oleh doktor-doktor yang bertauliah dan mahir dalam bab-bab rambut ini. Hasil kajian menunjukan untuk melalui prosedur penanaman rambut ini, anda hendaklah mengenal pasti doktor anda dahulu.

Pertama, anda boleh layari laman web ABHRS . Di laman web tersebut, anda boleh cari doktor yang sesuai dengan negara yang diinginkan. Laman web tersebut adalah satu-satunya laman web yang diiktiraf di serata dunia mengenai pakar-pakar rambut.

Kedua, selepas itu buat temujanji dengan doktor pilihan anda untuk dapatkan temujanji untuk analisis rambut anda.

Ketiga, setelah berpuas hati dengan penerangan doktor, bolehlah anda tetapkan tarikh yang sesuai untuk prosedur penanaman rambut.

Akhir sekali, bila dah tanam rambut, jangan abaikan cara-cara penjagaan rambut. Ikuti nasihat doktor tentang cara-cara penjagaan yang betul. Rambut yang sihat datang dari penjagaan yang betul.

Selepas 1 tahun, rambut yang ditanam akan nampak lebih panjang, lebat dan tebal. Anda tak perlu risau rambut gugur macam dulu, sebab rambut tu memang kuat seperti semulajadi.

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