Smart X Wave

-fights symptoms of aging processes in human body’s soft tissues

-non invasive, painless and safe

Brilliant for
-loose sagging skin ,dermal firming
-stretch marks
-lymphatic flow support

What is the mechanism?
-acoustic wave therapy mechanically rejuvenate soft tissues
-oscillating acoustic waves are introduced into the body inducing vibration in connective tissue
-tissue mechanically stretches and relaxes and the released energy of acoustic waves initiates physiological processes

So what are the physiological effects?
-neovascularisation :growth of new capillaries,increased micro circulatio,locally increased metabolism and more efficient oxygen supply

-collagen remodelling: creating proliferation of fibroblasts,new thickened band of collagen and connection between skin layers regenerated

-waste elimination: local stimulation of lymphatic system, reduction of Eden’s and improved tissue regeneration.

How many sessions are required?
-it is a break time treatment where by it takes only 15min and about 6-10 sessions are recommended for a good result

Here in glojas,we combine with smart body trim for effective contouring and sculpting of different body parts for long lasting visible results.

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