Smart glo laser

-clean and precision laser beam

How does the treatment work?

-multiple microscopic laser beams create micro holes
-conveys energy to depth of skin with high – peak power in short duration
-causing re – epithelialization and collagen remodelling

-scar reduction (acne/burn)
-skin resurfacing
-skin rejuvenation
-oil seeds

Is it painful?
Numbing cream is applied and left for about 30min for a good anaesthetic effect.
Cooling is used during the entire procedure for client’s comfort.

How many sessions are required?
We recommend about 6 sessions depending on the skin type and condition. Treatments are usually spaced 4-6 weeks apart to allow healing and regeneration of skin to take place.

Post treatment care

-patient will experience burning sensation immediately after treatment however it will subside within a few hours
-redness may remain for 2-3 days
-scab may form after that and gentle exfoliation can be done
-advised to apply moisturizer and sunblock on a daily basis

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