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Scar Revision Hair Transplant

Scar Revision Hair Transplant @ Glojas


Can you transplant hair on a scar?


  • Hair grafts will grow on the scar tissue, so it is perfectly possible to have a hair transplant performed over a scar. If the tissue is thickened or raised local steroid injections may help to flatten it, but once the scar is smooth the transplant can be performed as normal.
  • A painless and comfortable procedure done for both men and women.
  • At Glojas Hair Transplant Centre we practice SMART FUE Hair Transplant for scar revision which is different formulation and tools applied for faster growth and recovery.


How many grafts are needed for a scar hair transplant?

The number of grafts depending an individual evaluation is needed to assess your unique situation and determine graft number.


How much is the cost for a hair transplant on scars?

In Glojas, the scar revision SMART FUE hair transplant cost start from USD500 onwards.


How long does hair transplant on the scar last?

Scar hair transplants are a permanent solution using the FUE hair transplant technique, these procedures last a lifetime.


When does the hair transplant at the scar begin to grow?

It begins to grow after 3 months and the final results would be visible in 7 to 8 months.



Why scarred areas require special attention and multiple procedures?

  • Hair grafts will grow in scar tissue, so it is perfectly possible to have a hair transplant performed over a scar.
  • If the tissue is thickened or raised local steroid injections may help to flatten it, but once the scar is smooth the transplant can be performed as normal.
  • Areas of scar tissue can have a reduced level of blood supply compared to normal areas of the scalp. This means that the grafts should not be placed too close together, otherwise growth can be poor.
  • Doctor will need to leave larger gaps than normal between grafts, and as these grow, new blood vessels will form in the area.
  • The patient can then undergo further transplant procedures, adding extra grafts to achieve more density in these areas and a natural-looking final result.


What results can you expect if you have a hair transplant done on an existing scar tissue?

Although performing a SMART FUE hair transplant over existing scar tissue requires extra care and attention and may require several procedures rather than just one, the fundamental process is the same as any hair transplant.

Therefore you can expect to see good results so long as your doctor is reputable and properly qualified.


Does hair transplant done on scars looks natural?

At Glojas, our results of scar revision hair transplant is absolutely natural!


Our Doctor


Dato’ Dr.JasG is Malaysia’s 1st Pioneer Hair Transplant Diplomate from The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) and a Licensed Aesthetic Doctor from The Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH).



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