Safest Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Safest Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) @ GLOJAS


A Rhinoplasty, or a ‘nose job’, is one of the five most common cosmetic surgery procedures. As the central feature of the face, the size and shape of the nose is a key determining factor in how we feel about our overall appearance and attractiveness. If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with it, a rhinoplasty procedure is the most effective solution to change it.

A rhinoplasty procedure reshapes, corrects or reconstructs the nose to achieve more aesthetically pleasing proportions and to enhance ones’ physical appearance.


What is a Rhinoplasty?

The nose develops its final shape only after puberty and this development is complete by the age of 16. This determines the earliest age at which one can reasonably carry out a rhinoplasty.

A rhinoplasty procedure reshapes, corrects or reconstructs the nose to achieve more aesthetically pleasing proportions and to enhance ones physical appearance.

What are the types of Rhinoplasty Procedure?

The nose is supported by a skeleton. In the upper third, it is a bony skeleton and the lower two-thirds are nostrils, flexible cartilage of the same type as we have in the ear. Dividing the two airways running back from the nostrils, we have another sheet of cartilage, covered with mucosa, called the septum. This is a strut which stops the cartilaginous part of the nose from collapsing.

What is an Open Rhinoplasty?

An incision is made across the columella (the skin of the central strut of the nose separating the two nostrils.


What is a Closed Rhinoplasty?

The closed rhinoplasty does not have an incision across the skin of the columella between the nostrils, but is carried out through the mucosa of the inside of the nose.


What is a Septo-Rhinoplasty?

A septo-rhinoplasty is commonly done to improve the way you breathe through your nose.

What is a Rhino-Tip Surgery?

Rhino-tip surgery is done to change the shape of the nose by modifying the structure of the underlying cartilage.


What is the Oriental & African Nose Augmentation?

Many patients have noses which are flatter with wider nostrils. In these cases, it is not a question of reducing the skeletal support, but adding to it. The bridge line can be raised by adding a manmade substance or the patient’s own bone and cartilage taken from the ear, skull or rib. In each case, the extra tissue is carved to the required shape. Nostrils and nostril floor can be reduced in width by removing a wedge of tissue.

Is there pain in this procedures?

No, it will be done under Local Anaesthetic hence very minimal & manageable pain.


What is the Cost?

It starts from USD1,000 onwards and depends on the type of Rhinoplasty and desired results.

Our In-House Plastic Surgeon

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