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Remove Those Eye Bags Today

Remove Those Eye Bags Today!


The Eye Bag Removal Surgery at Glojas Plastic Surgery Centre is done by Dr. Mohd Ali who is our In-House Plastic Surgeon. Dr.Mohd Ali is one of Malaysia’s top plastic surgeons and Malaysia’s only fully qualified Craniofacial Surgeon. Dr.Mohd Ali holds more than 15 years of rich experience, knowledge and talent in Cosmetic surgery, Corrective surgery and Craniofacial surgery. Our Medical Centre is located in an affluent residential area based in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

When the fat around the eyes is excessively accumulated or sunken, the eyes underneath appear dull and gives tired impression. In this case, we perform procedures such as Under Eye Fat Grafting to fill up more fat under the eyes, Under Eye Fat Removal to remove excess fat, and Under Eye Fat Repositioning procedure to even out the fat under the eye. To ensure excellent surgery result with high degree of completion, precise analysis must be made to consider the characteristics of each patient’s eyes and to carry out idea surgery method.

The eyes are the window to the soul. So when your eyes show signs of aging, excess skin, bags or wrinkles, the perception is that of being tired or old. Eyelid rejuvenation therefore is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures to improve the appearance of the face. Formally known as Blepharoplasty, eye bag removal is a plastic surgical procedure to refresh the eyes by removing excess skin in the upper and lower eyelids. Eye bags caused by drooping fat can also be corrected either by excision of excess fat or repositioning the fat. The aim of surgery is to achieve a refreshed, rejuvenated, natural appearance.

Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure to refresh the eyes by removing excess skin (hooding) and or fat (eye bags) to rejuvenate the eyes providing a youthful appearance. The eyes can give a tired appearance, hooded upper eyelids or puffy lower eyelids, eventhough you are well rested. Surgery aims to reverse or improve the appearance of the eyes to give a refreshed natural appearance. If the upper eyelids are very heavy, hooded, these can feel very tired and following surgery the eyelids feel more comfortable and refreshed.


In-House Plastic Surgeon

Here at Glojas, a Blepharoplasty, eye bag surgery is performed under local anaesthetic as a day case. Both Upper eyelid surgery & Eye bay removal is commonly performed under local anaesthetic by our In-House Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Mohd Ali who is also one of Malaysia’s leading Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Mohd Ali is also Malaysia’s sole Craniofacial Surgeon who holds more than 15 years of experience hence you’re in the best of hands under him. Craniofacial Surgeons subspecialize into the reconstruction of Head, Face and Neck region.


Blepharoplasty with a Combination of other surgeries

 Blepharoplasty is commonly performed together with other face surgeries; procedures which are commonly combined with Blepharoplasty are; Eyelid surgery, Rhinoplasty, Cheek Lift, or Neck Lift. It is important to discuss all of your concerns at the time of your consultation to ensure that the appropriate procedures are discussed, plan and arranged in your best interest.


Do contact us today for your FREE Consultation with Dr.Mohd Ali! +60362115555. Here at Glojas, we bring out the best in you!

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