Body Hair Transplant



Body Hair Transplant

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    Body Hair Transplant Treatment

    Body hair transplant (BHT) is a hair transplantation surgery method. Body hair shafts from the beard, trunk, and extremities can be used to treat baldness when patients have inadequate amounts of scalp donor hair, but reports in the literature concerning use of body hair to treat baldness are confined to case reports.

    Advantages of Body Hair Transplant:

    • Requires no scalpels, strip surgery, and no stitches.

    • The procedure allows for the use of body hair, the number of transplantable hair is greatly increased.

    • Treatment without any major trauma for the body

    • BHT adds the entire body-hair supply to the donor resource, allowing even those who are severely bald or suffering from hair loss to aim for fuller and better hair restoration

    The procedure:

    Hair follicles are taken from the head, and then placed back on different areas of the head. This means that the new hair that will grow is hair from the head and will therefore have the same characteristics as your other hair.

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