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PDO Face Lift @ GLOJAS!


Glojas Smart International Aesthetics is located in an affluent residential area in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It’s Founding CEO Dato’ Dr.JasG holds more than 20 years of experience in his field of expertise in Aesthetic Medicine, Aesthetic Treatments and Procedures as well as being Malaysia’s ONLY Hair Restoration Diplomate from The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.


Our Doctor

Our Founding CEO, Dato’ Dr.JasG is a Medical is a qualified and registered Medical Doctor, Licensed Aesthetic Medicine Practitioner (LCP) from The Ministry of Health Malaysia, holds his prestigious Fellowship in Dermatological Laser Surgery from Mahidol University which was a study that he underwent at The Faculty of Medicine at Ramathibodi Hospital, Bangkok. He is also a Diplomate in Aesthetic Medicine from The American Board of Aesthetic Medicine (ABAM).



1.Lifts and tightens laxity on the mid-face, neck, and jawline
2.Restores the face’s naturally-beautiful V-shape
3.Stimulates collagen regeneration to rebuild aging facial structures
4.Lifts, tightens, and smooths the skin from the inside through enhanced collagen production


1. Does not require general anaesthesia; can be performed with a localized anaesthesia
2. No surgery or incisions
3.No scars or scar tissue
4.Little to no post-procedure recovery time
5.Typically requires less than an hour
6.Sutures are safely reabsorbed by the body within 3-6 months
7.Many patients can expect results that last up to 2 years


PDO Face Thread Lifting is not to pull the skin artificially for suppleness but to induce the foreign element reaction through using PDO threads. Lifting, produces collagen itself and then improves the blood circulation for elastic skin and elimination of wrinkles naturally. This treatment has the various strong points which ensure speedy recovery, long-lasting effects and no side effects.

Flabby skin worsens the appearance of wrinkles. Lifted contouring of the face along with a much more youthful complexion can be achieved instantly by collagen that resides in the deeper layer of our skin.
This is known as a lunch time procedure with minimal downtime and no pain due to application of numbing cream.

PDO Thread Lifts make use of the latest technologies in cosmetic contouring, offering a non-invasive answer to tired, ageing skin without surgical intervention. By stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin beneath the surface of the skin, Thread Facelifts offer an immediate boost in plumpness and uplift, whilst eradicating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.



It is a synthetic absorbable surgical suture composed of Polydioxanone. PDO sutures are used to perform open-heart surgery. It’s one of the safest materials to be implanted in the body.

Your skin fully absorbs it within 4 to 6 months and won’t leave you with any scar tissue.



The areas to be treated will be numbed with topical as well as local anaesthetic. Then, a hypodermic needle that is preloaded with a PDO absorbable suture is inserted into the skin at a subdermal level. The inserted thread grasps onto droopy skin and soft tissue to reposition the skin. Once the threads are placed under the skin, they are creating more collagen which is a lift that shows immediate improvement. Results do continue to improve over time. The collagen that is produced throughout this procedure is what secures the lift. This procedure is the latest anti-aging skin treatment available.



This treatment can be used around the eye area, crows feet, vermillion border of top lip, smile lines, upper cheeks, jowl area, and neck.



Pain can be managed with Tylenol and/or Advil. You may experience mild swelling and bruising for a few days. Icing the treated areas, as well as, using arnica is recommended for the first few days. It is recommended that you avoid strenuous activity for a few days following the treatment.


Do contact us today for your Free Consultation with Dato’ Dr.JasG! +60362115555. Here at Glojas, we bring out the best in you!



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