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Perfectly done Rhinoplasty / Nose Surgery @ GLOJAS!

Having a nose shape that causes breathing or image issues is nothing new, many feel the necessity of undergoing this procedure to boost self-image and confidence as it can alter facial appearance for the better. In many cases we at Glojas see it as corrective or reconstructive surgery. Whatever one’s heart desire may be, we fully understand the need that customers see befitting to go under the knife. The procedure in itself is nothing major, it may take between two to three hours and is done under local anaesthesia. The cost is relatively low, one procedure last for a life time.

We at Glojas are very proud of our In-House Plastic Surgeon, Glojas Doctor 

who brings along with him 15 years of rich experience and knowledge. His work of art supersedes many of his peers, he is renown and trusted around the world hence we can boast about having a good number of International patients. We provide complimentary hotel stay located walking distance to our medical practice. Patients leave after a successful surgery back to their hotel. No admission is needed. A follow up between the 4th and 7th day is a norm and then followed by another appointment in two weeks’ time.

We warmly welcome all those who see a need for a nose surgery, we are here to understand and work on individual needs for such a surgery. We journey with you from day one until the successful end result of your heart’s desire is accomplished. At Glojas, our doctors and medical staff are driven by passion of achieving successful results and needs which defer from every patient.

Do feel free to call or whatssap us anytime. +60123529919+60362115555 / +60178129961

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