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Man Boobs Permanently

Get rid of those Man Boobs Permanently @ GLOJAS!

The issue of Gynaecomastia affects many men today and the numbers are increasing hence it has become a very common procedure. Many have often linked this issue to hormonal imbalances and being overweight. The truth of the matter lies within inflamed glands that causes this issue.


There are some medical centres that resolve these issues temporarily via a liposuction or fat removal procedure whilst making sure that the cost is affordable to many but this doesn’t resolve the issue. We at Glojas get down to the root of the problem by removing those glands that are the main cause of this issue.


We perform a fat removal procedure and removal of glands hence ensuring our customers that this is the most effective and successful means of a permanent solution. Yes, a permanent solution also means higher cost but we look at things from a much bigger picture where the customer will not have to undergo repeated procedures. We kill the root cause of the problem permanently and successfully.


So for men who desire well shaped chest and a permanent end to male boobs, GLOJAS is most certainly the place for you. Here at GLOJAS, we sell our world class results and never compromise for cheaper labour of mediocre results. We live up to our tagline; At Glojas, we bring out the best in you!


Do contact us for your appointment with one of Malaysia’s top plastic surgeons who has also sub-specialised in craniofacial surgery and to this date is Malaysia’s only Craniofacial Surgeon. We are indeed proud to have Dr.Mohd Ali as our in-house plastic surgeon who is richly experienced, talented and highly meticulous in his work which brings out only world class results and ensures top notch safety to one’s life and well-being.

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