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Laser Wart Removal @ GLOJAS!


What are Warts?

A wart is a small growth with a rough texture that can appear anywhere on the body. It can look like a solid blister or a small cauliflower.


What are the Preparations before a Wart Removal?

  1. Shower on the morning of treatment.
  2. Eat and drink as normal.
  3. It’s a good idea to come to our clinic in loose, comfortable clothing.


How does the wart removal work?

The energy from the laser does two important things in eliminating the wart.


  • The laser energy likely destroys the virus that causes in eliminating the wart.
  • The laser energy eliminates the blood supply that nourishes the wart. It is also believed that the inflammation caused by the laser treatment increases the body immune response to the area which helps in eliminating the wart.


Would there be pain during the Laser Wart Removal?

Wart removal is quick and safe, no pain and can be done on the same day of Consultation. There is no discomfort after the laser pulse. A numbing cream is applied to the treated area before treatment. With these measures laser wart treatment is very comfortable.


What are the side effects of wart removal?

The most common side effects include: redness and swelling.  Occasionally a blister may occur. These side effects typically are mild and resolve in 7-14 days.


Is there any downtime after the wart removal?

There’s no down time with laser wart removal. However, if a blister were to occur we have specific instructions that we would have you follow until it is healed (usually 7-10 days).


How long does Laser Wart Removal take to work?

Just one session.


What is the cost of Wart Removal?

Laser wart removal cost from USD20 Onwards depending on the size of wart. This will be discussed during the FREE Consultation at Glojas Aesthetic Clinic Malaysia.

If you have warts that are bothering you, do give us a call to get them removed. Make an appointment to meet our doctor, Dato’ Dr.JasG for your FREE consultation! +60362115555. Here at Glojas, we bring out the best in you!

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