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Have you ever come across darker hairs that you want to do away?

This is possible with laser hair treatment. A revolutionary laser technology called GentleYAG is now available at GLOJAS and can be used to treat Permanent hair removal


What is The GentleYAG?

This technology utilises high-energy laser that does not affect or harm your skin. A cooling device will be used first to spray your skin so as to ensure you are comfortable during the hair removal procedure. As the target is set, a gentle beam of light is emitted by the GentleYAG system.


Does it matter on the skin tone?

How fair or dark a patient’s skin is, the GentleYAG laser technology will remove unwanted hair permanently. This eliminates the need for waxing, shaving or plucking on the patient’s part and they will no longer have to go through this cycle. Less painful than electrolysis, the procedure is fairly swift and a lot less tedious than other hair removal techniques.


Will it damage my Skin?

The delicate pores are not harmed during the treatment and even larger body areas such as the back, arms, legs and shoulders can treated and the procedure will take a short period of time and you will notice that there is less and finer hair regrowth even after the first session.


How many sessions is needed?

This highly depends on genetics. For example, those of Indian & Italian origin would need more sessions.


Which is the right Laser Hair Removal Clinic?

Often we are in a dilemma about the best clinic that can offer the best treatment to us. Our search for a perfect laser hair removal clinic is over. Laser hair treatment is a recently developed technique available at GLOJAS.


Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Yes, it is extremely popular as it is safe.


What is the costs for Laser Hair Removal?

The average cost of hair removal can range within an affordable range of people anything from USD50 onwards.

Do contact us to find out more about Laser Hair Removal at Glojas Centre & get your FREE Consultation! +60362115555. Here at Glojas, we bring out the best in you!

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