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Have you been thinking about a solution to youthful, flawless & wrinkle free facial Skin?

Have you been thinking about a solution to youthful, flawless & wrinkle free facial Skin?


Yes, the secret to youth is here where one can look significantly younger with no more wrinkles and fine lines coupled with brand new skin that is absolutely flawless and radiant!

At Glojas, authentic and original lasers are imported from the United States and for this treatment we use the original Fractional Laser which is scientifically proven to deliver only the best results!


Why should Glojas be my choice for Fractional Laser?

At Glojas, the fractional laser is strictly done by a Senior, highly experienced and talented Aesthetic Doctor. Dato’ Dr.JasG holds more than 20 years in the practice of Aesthetic Medicine, Aesthetic Treatments and Hair Restoration.


What determines the best results?

Best results come from an Aesthetic Doctor of good credentials, experience and talent. Talent is pertinent when it comes to aesthetics and Dato’ Dr.JasG will give you nothing but the best!


  • Done by a Senior, highly qualified & highly experienced Aesthetic Doctor!
  • An Aesthetic Centre of more than 20 years of experience!
  • Proven Results!
  • Minimal Downtime
  • Youthfulness Restored!
  • Flawless Skin!
  • Goodbye to Wrinkles!



How would Fractional Laser help me?

This Skin Resurfacing Laser deals with Wrinkles, Freckles, Fine lines, Melasma & Pigmentation. It is recommended for 3 sessions, one session per month. The end results? A Smooth and Flawless Complexion!


Would I experience downtime?

The Fractional Laser has a down time of a few days. There will be tiny print marks and roughness on the surface of the facial skin during this downtime period.


Will I be given follow-ups for fractional laser aftercare?

Yes, you will be called in for follow-ups and may be advised to get another or two sessions more. Once the downtime clears up, the end result would be a well contoured face with flawless and youthful skin!


Is the Fractional Laser affordable?

Fractional laser cost starts from USD100 onwards. This solely depends on the targeted area and if includes full face and neck. We would certainly advice to get it done for full face and neck in achieving optimal results!


How many sessions of fractional laser would I need?

One session per month and in most cases 2 or 3 sessions may be needed.


Is there Pain involved during the Fractional Laser Procedure?

Minimal Pain is managed with numbing cream. The doctor will do everything possible in making sure that you are comfortable and that the pain is well managed.


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Do contacts us for your FREE Consultation Appointment with Dato’ Dr.JasG at GLOJAS, your trusted aesthetic clinic in KL! +60362115555.

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