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Hair transplantation is suitable for treating female patients with female pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) or hair loss due to medical problems, scarring as a result of an accident, injury, surgery and some women would go for hair transplant to lower down the frontal hairline.

For women suffering from female pattern hair loss, hair transplantation can be very successful and a very good choice to permanently solve the problem.



Both FUT and FUE can be performed using a special local anesthetic.

FUT, or the strip method, harvests healthy hair follicles in strips to imitate the natural pattern of hair growth. Once a strip is removed, the hair follicles are individually divided before the doctor carefully transplants them one at a time into areas affected by hair loss.

FUE Malaysia , or a follicular transfer, is one of the most popular methods of modern hair transplantation. This technique harvests hair follicles individually from donor sites. Harvested hair follicles are then individually transplanted into areas of the scalp experiencing hair loss.


Modern hair transplantation techniques produce natural-looking results that blend in seamlessly to mimic natural patterns of hair growth. It can take three to six months for transplanted follicles to start producing hair, but once the area is fully healed and the transplants “take,” your hair will start to grow the same way in the newly placed follicles as it does on the rest of your scalp. You will be able to cut and style your hair as if the placement was completely natural. The results of a hair transplant will be permanent.

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