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Fat Transfers Replace Fillers

Fat Transfers Replace Fillers @ GLOJAS!


There’s much conventional view derived from years of practise where having fillers done simply mean Botox or Juvederm Injections around the face and neck region. Today, many Plastic Surgeons opt for more natural solutions such Fat Transfers to the face region. Such Fat Transfers do not require a full blown liposuction.

Fat Transfers done under the eyes last for many years where it makes one looking drastically younger and refreshed. Fats are taken from the “donor area” such as the abdomen or buttocks. The Fats are extracted and then transferred to the face region as graft.

The grafted fats then develop blood supply to survive and about 50% of the fat injected will survive. Such surviving fats will last forever.

When it comes to the face region, most fats survive. Yes, some may need multiple fat transfers depending of the severity of ageing issues on facial and neck skin. This process is a minor procedure that is performed under Local Anaesthesia in a surgery room by a Surgeon.

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