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Facial Hair Transplant

Facial Hair Transplant @ GLOJAS!


Facial Hair Transplant is a procedure which restores hair to areas where facial hair growth is thin or missing. It can be done to restore the goatee and moustache, as well as sideburns, the cheek beard, and anywhere that hair is desired, even if hair has never grown in the area before. Facial hair transplant can also be used to conceal acne scars and other types of scars.

GLOJAS Hair Transplant Centre provides facial hair transplants which include eyebrows, moustache, beard and sideburns. This procedure is available to both men and women.


Facts on Facial hair transplantations


  1. When considering a beard transplant, a moustache transplant or any facial hair transplant in Malaysia it is important to remember aspects such as;
  • They are very similar to scalp hair transplants: The procedure used to perform these transplants are quite the same as the scalp restoration ones.
  • They are time-consuming: A Facial Hair Transplantation can last for two to five hours, depending on the recipient area and the desired density;
  • The new hairs will grow normally: the newly transplanted facial hair will grow like normal hair, having similar texture and features;
  • They are painless: like any other Malaysia hair transplant, these procedures, too, are painless;
  • Post-op instructions: it is recommended not to shave the newly transplanted facial hair for the following 10 days after the surgery.


  1. It is important to note that the transplanted hair will shed in two weeks after the procedure. However, three to four months after the surgery, the transplanted hair will grow and you will be able to enjoy a new, better look;
  • Permanent results: Facial Hair Transplant bring a permanent solution for men who want to have facial hair. The newly transplanted hairs will never fall off.


What are the Advantages of Facial Hair Transplant?

  • The hairs used in facial hair transplant procedures typically grow the same way as facial hair in terms of texture and other characteristics
  • Once the procedure is done, you will not have to worry about future hair loss, since it utilizes less donor hair when compared to a standard scalp treatment procedure



What is The procedure used to complete a Facial Hair Transplant?

Just like in the case of a hair transplant, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) are two main procedures used in Facial Hair Transplants.

For example, a beard transplant through the FUE procedure implies collecting individual grafts from other parts of the body and their insertion in the beard area. This will render natural results and will also imply a minimum recovery period. In our hair transplant clinic at GLOJAS, you can benefit from innovative procedures and treatments which can help you restore your confidence.


Is Close Aftercare provided?

We at Glojas strongly believe that close after care is vital as it contributes a major role in the outcome of results. We journey with you from pre procedure until post procedure which includes very close follow-ups.


What is the cost for a Facial Hair Transplant?

A beard transplant price in Malaysia is USD1,000 onwards depending on the circumstance and desire of every individual customer. This will be discussed during the Free Consultation.


Why choose GLOJAS for A Facial Hair Transplant?

Our specialized doctor is the sole practitioner in Malaysia who is a Diplomate of The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS), which means you will get the satisfactory treatment by the best.

Call us today!

Do contact us to find out more about our Facial Hair Transplant, FUE Hair Transplant at Glojas Hair Transplant Centre & get your FREE Consultation with Dato’ Dr.JasG +60362115555. At Glojas, We Bring Out The Best In You!





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