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Gorgeous Eyes via Epicanthoplasty


Gorgeous Eyes via Epicanthoplasty  GLOJAS

Issues with eyelids and premature ageing around the eyes are a norm which are mainly caused by genetics, this issue varies from every patient, some have drooping eyelids, lazy looking eyes, wrinkles, freckles, fine lines and eyebags.


Here at Glojas with our In-House Plastic Surgeon of 15 years of experience, we can proudly claim 100% success rate in dealing with these issues effectively with just one surgery. Glojas Doctor uses the Scalpel method which is the safest and most effective. The surgery can take between two to three hours under local anaesthetic whereby the patient is fully awake throughout the procedure with no discomfort and pain. The patient gets home after the procedure perfectly well with no major discomfort or pain. The patient is then required to come in for follow ups between the 4th & 7th day and then two week’s later.


At Glojas we journey with our patients from day one until they have successfully healed and attained their heart’s desire of enjoying the end results. Patients get direct access to our staff should they be faced with any concerns. The ultimate results are youthful eyes with no more eyebags or drooping eyelids. A perfect and youthful appearance of the surrounding areas of the eyes making one look much younger, energetic and alert.



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