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Effectively Remove Crow’s feet

Effectively Remove Crow’s feet @GLOJAS!


What are Crow’s Feet?

Happy people have crow’s feet, hence these are also known as laughter lines or smile lines.

Crow’s feet are the fine crinkle lines or wrinkles clustered at the outer corners of the eyes which appear with age from as early as the mid 30s and for those having a genetic tendency to develop crow’s feet, external factors such as sun exposure especially in fair-skinned people, pollutants, and smoking all contribute to causing thinning of the overlying skin with less production of elastin and collagen.


Our Doctor

Dato’ Dr JasG is a licensed Aesthetic Doctor from The Ministry of Health Malaysia. He is also a Diplomate in Aesthetic Medicine from The American Board of Aesthetic Medicince (ABAM). He holds more than 20 years experience as an Aesthetic Doctor.


How does the procedure work?

Here at Glojas, we deal with crow’s feet in the most effective way.


Step 1: A Combination of Botox & Dermal

Step 2: Weekly Sessions of Radiofrequency Treatment for Full Face, Neck & Eye Region. Once every week for 6 weeks.

Both Step 1 & 2 are Non-Invasive remedies that do not require one to go under the knife. Botox and Dermal require doctors who are highly experienced.


Is there pain involved?

Absolutely No!


How much does it Cost?

It starts from USD1,000 onwards depending on the issue and desired results.


Is there downtime?

Absolutely Not!


Call us today!

Call us today for your FREE Consultation with Dato’ Dr.JasG! +6036215555. Here at Glojas, we bring out the best in you!

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