Fat Transfer Treatment

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Fat Transfer is a great way to get a natural yet dramatic result from your procedure. It is a natural solution to restore subtle volume and shape, as well as rejuvenate certain areas of your body.

Fat is taken from your body fat and transferred to areas of the body where volume is needed.

Is it suitable for male and female.

The advantages of Fat Transfer?

  • More economical thanks synthetic fillers in the long term

  • Improve sin texture and quality due to the stem cells contained in the fat.

  • The results can bring back 5-10 years.

  • Natural-looking.

What will my fat transfer incision and scars be like?

Your only scars may result from liposuction, which is used to remove fat from the donor site.

Why choose us ?

Most importantly, because you should ONLY do surgery with a specialized surgeon who is certified. At GLOJAS, our surgeon is an expert and committed to deliver the best result to our patients in order for them to enhance their beauty and gain confidence.