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    The most natural method when women wish to have their breasts enhanced is through fat transfer breast augmentation. This procedure uses a patient’s own fat cell to increase the volume of the breast. Engrafted fat cells are exactly the same as the natural fat cells of the patient’s breast tissue, giving the most natural result after the procedure. This procedure is an autologous fat transfer and does not involve any foreign materials or implants to be inserted. It does not leave any visible scar.

    Benefits of Breast Fat Transfer?

    • Body contouring is done simultaneously as the surgeon harvests healthy fat cells from the unwanted areas such as thigh or abdomen.
    • It is not only effective in enhancing the volume of the breast, but also correcting and improving the shape and texture of the breast.
    • The sensation is normal and it feels soft, much like the other unreconstructed breast.

    Candidates for Breast Fat Transfer:

    Women who are looking for subtle breast enhancement and would like to reduce unwanted fat in other areas of the body. Women who want a more drastic increase in breast size will not be satisfied with the breast enhancement from a fat transfer procedure. It is also important to have enough body fat available to sufficiently augment the breast.

    The procedure:

    Offered in our clinic in Kuala Lumpur and near to those within the vicinity, our fat transfer breast augmentation is performed with two surgical procedures. On the same day, the first procedure is to harvest the fat from another area of the body, typically from the abdomen, buttocks, flank, or thighs before getting it extracted using liposuction. First, a small incision is placed in the area to harvest the fat and fat tissue is removed using vacuum suction.

    The liposuction sites are sculpted to give the patient smooth and beautiful contours. Once the fat is collected, it is prepared for injection into the breast, removing any fluid waste or contaminants. Then, the clean fat is placed in a syringe for an injection to the breast.

    What to expect?

    • The entire fat transfer breast augmentation takes a few hours for harvesting and injection.
    • Normally able to return to light activities and work in 1-2 weeks.
    • Some swelling, bruising and discomfort at the donor sites and the injection sites. This discomfort is easily controlled and temporary.
    • Breast shape is improved, enhancing the cleavage of the upper breast, usually increased ¾ – 1 full bra cup size.

    Recovery period:

    The recovery period is depending on how many areas the initial liposuction was carried out on. You may have some bruises and swelling for 1-3 weeks and should avoid exercise during this time and may wish to be off work for 1-2 weeks also.

    The few days following your breast fat transfer you may feel some discomfort around the breast and experience an aching sensation for a week or two following treatment. This is completely normal and will subside as will any bruising and swelling.

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