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Burn Tummy Fat!


At Glojas Smart International Aesthetics, we effectively burn tummy fat with our fat burner, the BTL Vanquish Me. Sessions depend on the size of the individual. For a person weighing 100kg, he or she may need 8 to 14 sessions. A lighter person may need lesser sessions. However, one must take note that consistency and discipline is pertinent, meaning that a change in diet and weekly sessions. One session every 6 to 7 days without a break in the chain. The area treated burns fat and when fats are effectively burnt, lumps may form and it only shows that the burner is working well on you. These lumps will take some time to subside and are very normal because fats that burn and die tends to become lumps. This is the only side effect of the fat burner. Again, lumps mean that your fats have been successfully destroyed!

Glojas Smart International Aesthetics is located in an affluent residential area in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Our Founding CEO, Dato’ Dr.JasG is one of Malaysia’s Pioneers in Aesthetic Treatment & Aesthetic Medicine and He is Malaysia’s ONLY Hair Restoration Diplomate from The American Board Of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS).

Do you have abdomen, arm or upper thigh fat that won’t go away no matter how much diet and exercise you do? We all have those stubborn areas, and it might seem as though there’s nothing you can do to fix it.

If this sounds like you, then it’s time to meet Vanquish – the latest in innovative fat reduction technology. The best part? Vanquish fat reduction is a non-surgical procedure, affordable and painless!


Vanquish stubborn fat with our non-surgical reduction treatment


So, why is Vanquish becoming highly sought-after fat reduction and body contouring solution for men and women?

  1. Less than one hour per treatment
  2. Visible centimetre reduction of your chosen area
  3. Effects can be easily maintained
  4.  No pain or downtime
  5. Affordable!

How does Vanquish fat removal work?


Vanquish fat reduction is a simple treatment process. Essentially, our highly qualified medical staff use precise radiofrequency energy to damage the fat cells in the targeted treatment area, while stimulating collagen. As Vanquish is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment, it leaves no damage or marks behind!

During your initial consultation with one of our professional and friendly team, a Vanquish fat reduction treatment plan will be tailored to your unique needs and body to ensure the desired results can be achieved.


Our Doctor

Dato’ Dr.JasG

Our Founding CEO, Dato’ Dr.JasG is a qualified and registered Medical Doctor who holds the Prestigious Fellowship is Dermatological Laser Surgery from Mahidol University which he studied for at The Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi in Bangkok, Thailand. He is a licensed Aesthetic Medicine Practitioner (LCP) from The Ministry of Health Malaysia, Diplomate in Aesthetic Medicine from The American Board of Aesthetic Medicine (ABAM) and Malaysia’s ONLY Diplomate in Hair Restoration from The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). Dato’ Dr.JasG holds more than 20 years of vast experience, knowledge and talent.

Glojas unlike most Centres, uses original Laser & Radiofrequency machines imported from Italy and The United States. There is a black market of Generics from China that do not produce results and due to this many think that Lasers do not work. You are invited to experience the remarkable difference at Glojas!

Do give us a call today for your FREE Consultation with our Medical Doctor who holds more than 20 years of experience in Aesthetic Treatments, Aesthetic Medicine & Hair Transplant Surgery. +60362115555. Here at Glojas, we bring out the best in you!



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