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Best Rhinoplasty Surgery

Best Rhinoplasty Surgery @ GLOJAS!



Rhinoplasty is commonly known as a nose job, nose surgery or nose shaping surgery is done to improve the shape of the nose, breathing issues and other functions of the nose as well as enhance one look and facial appeal.

Every individual has their own identity and the way they look. Facial features play a major role in self-identity. Being a central feature of the face, the nose plays a vital role in self-esteem, besides breathing function. Nose in harmony with face increases facial attractiveness manifold. You do not have to live your entire life with the deformed nasal structure, cosmetic rhinoplasty can give you a natural looking nose that transforms your looks and boosts confidence.


What Are the Techniques of Rhinoplasty?


Closed Rhinoplasty

In the closed rhinoplasty surgery, the incisions are made internally to adjust the structure of the nose. The surgeon navigates under the skin over the bridge of the nasal feature.


Open Rhinoplasty

In open rhinoplasty surgery, a small incision is made externally across the nasal columella, the tissue between the nostrils, and the rest is inside only like closed rhinoplasty. The nasal skin is then folded back and upward which provides complete access to the nasal structure and passage.


What are the Advantages of a Rhinoplasty?

  1. Imbalances of the nose can be a distracting feature on a person’s face.
  2. Improving Nasal Airflow, various structures within the nose can contribute to issue with breathing and airflow through the nose. A septoplasty is often performed in conjunction with a rhinoplasty to straighten a crooked nose and septum, improving both the appearance of the nose and air flow
  3. Self-image and confidence, you can now be confident! If you are suffering from self-esteem and self-image issues. Positive changes to the appearance of the nose can provide a person with a huge boost of confidence after the rhinoplasty.


How’s is the procedure done?

  1. The nose job or nasal shaping procedure can be done under local anesthesia.
  2. Medications are administered for your comfort during the surgical procedure. Our surgeon will recommend the best choice for you.
  3. The incisions are hidden inside the nose or an open procedure, where an incision is made across the columella, the narrow strip of tissue that separates the nostrils. Through these incisions, the skin that covers the nasal bones and cartilages is gently raised, allowing access to reshape the structure of the nose.
  4. An overly large nose may be reduced by removing bone or cartilage. The partition in the middle of the nose, is used for this purpose. Occasionally cartilage from the ear or rarely a section of rib cartilage can be used.
  5. If the septum is deviated, it can be straightened and the projections inside the nose reduced to improve breathing.
  6. Once the underlying structure of the nose is sculpted to the desired shape, nasal skin and tissue is red-raped and incisions are closed. You will see the results in a few days, as splints and gauze packing may support the nose as it begins to heal.


Why choose Glojas Plastic Surgery Centre to perform your Rhinoplasty Surgery?

While contemplating a procedure, many questions that houses our mind. What if when the procedure couldn’t meet success and you are unable to get the desired result? Well, our Surgeon, Dr. Mohd Ali who is Malaysia’s Only fully qualified Craniofacial Surgeon with more than 15 years of rich experience, knowledge and talent. He will answer all your doubts during your FREE consultation.


Contact us today!

Do contact us today for your Free Rhinoplasty Surgery Consultation with Dr Mohd Ali at Glojas Plastic Surgery Malaysia, +60362115555. Here at Glojas, we bring out the best in you!

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