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World’s Best Life Long Permanent Breast Implants

Yes, many have heard of a ten-year change for Breast Implants but today with the advancement of medical sciences, we have the most highly durable and trusted German Breast Implants that last you a life time and withstands very high magnitude of accidents. On the list of world class breast implants available are German made and America made. So yes, the need for a ten or twenty-year change for breast implants is history!


The three top breast implants offered are highly reputable and durable brands. They are, Polytech from Germany and Motiva from The United States. Both may vary in price but offer the same quality and results. Brands boil down to an individual’s comfort.



Polytech Breast Implants



Polytech Breast Implants are made and imported from Germany and are lifelong permanent. The procedure takes within 3 hours and the patient can return home after the procedure. Close follow-ups will be provided for Free for the next 4 to 6 months after the procedure.



The Cost of Polytech Breast Implants?



It cost within USD4,500 inclusive of the entire procedure and with no hidden costs.



Motiva Breast Implants



Motiva Breast Implants seem popular and it boils down to the individual’s comfort and trust in the brand. Yes, the procedure takes within 3 hours and the patient can return home after the procedure and return for close follow-ups.



The Cost of Motiva Breast Implants?



It cost within USD6250 inclusive of the entire procedure and with no hidden costs.



The Shape options of Breast Implants



There are two shapes, one is rounded breast implants and the other is known as tear drop breast implants. Again, this boils down to one’s desired result.



Rounded Breast Implants



For those who intend to have breasts that remain firm and upright even when in lying down position, should opt for rounded implants.



Tear Drop Breast Implants



For those who prefer natural looking breasts that are not as noticeable as rounded ones, then they should opt for tear drops.



Would there be pain involved during the Breast Implant procedure?



Absolutely, no! You will be administered with Local Anaesthesia and our Surgeon will keep you very comfortable and relaxed. Not forgetting the surgeon’s vast experience.


Would I experience downtime after the Breast Implant procedure?



Very minimal downtime between 14 to 20 days for healing but during this period of time your daily routine will not be affected.



How long does the procedure take?



The Breast Implant Procedure may take within 3 hours and done on local anaesthesia meaning that the patient is fully awake and aware during the procedure with no discomfort and pain. The Procedure is done by a highly talented and experienced Plastic Surgeon and he is assisted by Senior and qualified female nurses.


Would I be able to get home after the Breast Implant procedure?



Yes, you get to leave immediately after the completion of the procedure. You will be called in for close follow-ups.



Are Breast Implants affordable?



As mentioned above, price is between USD4,500 to USD6.250.



Can Breast Implants cause Cancer?



The answer is an Absolute NO! Some people think it causes cancer and this is an unfounded myth not proven by scientific evidence.



What is required before the Breasts Implants procedure?



We practice a standard operating procedure for Breast Implants and customers are required to do an Ultra Sound Scan of their breasts OR a mammogram before qualifying for these procedures. This is our strict requirement.



Are Breast Implants Safe?



Absolutely yes! Breast Implants and all Plastic Implants for this matter are made from Medical Grade Silicone.



Are Silicone Injections to the Face, Breasts & Butt Region safe?



Absolutely NOT! These silicone injections are the lowest of the lowest grades ever known to the medical profession hence completely despised by the Medical Profession but very much used by Beauty Centres who attract those who are financially unsound as this segment of society would easily fall for cheap knocked down prices and the end results is the formation of highly cancerous lumps and a host of medical complications whereby those injected silicones cannot be removed as it’s gotten mixed with flesh and fats.



Our Commitment & Journey with You



We take it upon ourselves to journey with you from pre-procedure to post-procedure until successful results. It may take between 4 to 5 months for implants to intelligently adjust to your body dynamics and shape. We will follow-up closely with you at no charge.

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