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FUE Hair Transplant is a Permanent Hair Restoration Solution .Natural and Safe.



FUE Hair Transplant is a Permanent Hair Restoration Solution .Natural and Safe.


A SMART ™ FUE beard Transplant is for those who desire a healthy density of beard growth. Many do not enjoy this due to genetics, medication or a host of other issues. We at Glojas are here to grant your heart’s desire in achieving  healthy beard density! By making the decision to leave this desire to us and by following all necessary protocols, you will indeed enjoy the successful end results!

  • Would a Beard Transplant Procedure Leave Scars ?
  • Is a Beard Transplant is Affordable ?
  • Would the Results of My FUE Beard Transplant Remain Permanent ?
  • What Would Determine The Ultimate Results That I Would Experience From a Beard Transplant ?
Would a Beard Transplant Procedure Leave Scars ?

FUE Procedures for Beard Transplants leave no Scars.

Is a Beard Transplant is Affordable ?

It starts from USD1,000 onwards depending on the density and coverage area.

Would the Results of My FUE Beard Transplant Remain Permanent ?

Absolutely, yes! However, one must abide by the strict follow-ups and protocols especially the need for medications on a daily basis for the next one year after the hair transplant procedure. This is a must and must be strictly followed without a break in the chain of daily medication consumption as prescribed by our doctor.

What Would Determine The Ultimate Results That I Would Experience From a Beard Transplant ?

Beard transplants, just as goatee, moustache, sideburn or eyebrow transplants, are highly specialized procedures where the outcomes are highly dependent on the doctor’s skills, talent & knowledge. It is highly pertinent that Hair doctors hold the right credentials, knowledge, experience and talent. In this line of practice, talent is the very core foundation that determines successful results and we can vouch for that having the best doctors!


  • Just like hair, beard & mustache are an integral part of a man’s appearance. If you are experiencing beard loss, don’t have a beard at all, or patchy beard – beard transplant is the only solution.

  • Yes, men have known for thousands of years that facial hair is a defining feature. Patchy facial hair is unattractive. It’s natural to have a desire for a lush beard with sideburns & mustache.

  • Do you wish to have an intensive & regular beard? If yes, then we offer the highest quality beard transplant in Malaysia. Moreover, using the modern & highly-effective technology and tools, our FUE surgeons deliver an impeccable beard transplant service.


We understand the complexity involved in this sensitive task. Therefore, we only recommend our clientele to go with natural solutions. By picking the hair follicles from the strongest donor area, we ensure a 100% natural solution. Our highly-trained & experienced surgeons follow the impeccable process of a beard transplant.

Our primary objective is to provide a 100% natural solution that guarantees results. By implanting your own follicles, you get a natural & permanent beard that grows as well.


  • In the whole process, you’re the chief designer of the beard style. Regardless of whether your beard is patchy or next to none, we can form any type of beard line on your face. You can come to us with the photos of your desired beard style. Our expert & experienced surgeons will tailor the design according to your facial features. Once done with the design, our surgeons assess the grafts needed for the desired style.

  • Choosing the donor area is very critical to a good beard transplant. That’s where our surgeons put extra effort into the procedure. They determine the most suitable & strongest donor area.

  • Using the SMART FUE method, our surgeons take the follicles from the donor area. The whole process is painless because we apply local anesthesia. SMART FUE method means that you’ll experience zero stitches & scars.

  • Our expert surgeons use the highest-quality implanting device. This ensures that follicles hug the surface on facial skins as close as possible. The specialized implanting device provides total control to the surgeon. Moreover, it protects follicles from any kind of damage as well.

  • 14 days after the successful completion of the transplant, you start observing promised results. The hair starts to grow in length and your beard starts showing a noticeable density after a few months.


If your patchy beard makes you think that you have a babyface, then let us take care of this issue. We can boost your self-confidence by giving you a manly look through unnoticeable beard transplant service.

Our previous clientele & surgeons with extra-ordinary credentials rank us among the best beard transplant Malaysia clinics. Do you want a high-quality beard transplant with quick recovery and efficient results? So if yes, then look no further.

However, we encourage you to contact us for expert consultation & cost estimation. We are ready to bring out the best in you.


At Glojas International Hair Transplant Centre Malaysia, the Smart FUE Hair Transplant is a patented trademark solely belonging to Glojas. It’s a combination of techniques and formulations derived from more than 20 years of experience by its founding CEO, Dato’ Dr.JasG who is an Aesthetic Doctor and Malaysia’s 1st pioneer Hair Transplant Diplomate from The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS).

Beard Transplant Malaysia provides you a manly look at the hands of expert & highly-trained FUE surgeon. Have you always dream of a beautiful beard, but it seems impossible now? If yes, then we have you covered.
We provide result-oriented beard transplant services to help you grow/regrow your beard & mustache.


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Personalise Treatment

Each Patient is different. Your treatment will be specially tailored for you to get the most optimal result.

State of Art Facility

We are equipped wit the latest and most innovative equipment and instruments combined with the most experience team.

See Hair Growth in 6-8 weeks

Your transplanted hair will start growing within 6-8 weeks.

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    Our Hair Transplant Centre in Malaysia is Asia’s Leading Authority in Hair Restoration located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  We provide world class hair transplant procedures with the highest standards coupled with state of art facilities. Our Hair Transplant Centre in Malaysia located in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia run by Internationally Trained and Fully Accredited Medical Practitioners. Above all, we have one of the Best Hair Transplant Team to ensure you get  the best possible outcome . As a result our achievement is our pride 100% success FUE Hair Transplant. We ensure you get the highest level of international standards of sophistication.

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