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beard hair transplant

Beard Hair Transplant

Everybody’s heard of hair transplant, but did you realize you could get a full beard transplant? A growing number of men in the world are catching on. It’s apparently becoming a very popular thing to do.

To carry out the beard transplant, the best method is MicroFUE technique, which consists of the individual extraction of follicles, helped by a small micro-motor. This technique is the most advanced and leaves no visible scars.

The operation lasts between 4 and 6 hours on average.

The latest advances in the sector make the beard transplant results totally natural and definitive.

The procedure itself is relatively simple.

Hair is removed from the scalp or sometimes the chest with tiny incisions and then grafted onto the face. Once the roots take hold, the patient can shave his new beard as if it were normal hair, and it will grow back. You can even take in a photo of your favourite celebrity beard to provide the doctor with some inspiration.

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